Rihanna Prepares for ‘Battle’ in Film Debut


Now that she’s topped the Billboard charts with seven No. 1 singles, Rihanna has set her eye on conquering the box office charts with her feature film debut.

The singer will star in Universal’s Battleship alongside Taylor Kitsch (“Friday Night Lights”) and Alexander Skarsgard (“True Blood”), reports Variety. The live-action movie, directed by Hancock‘s Peter Berg, is based on Hasbro’s naval combat board game.

Universal has set a May 25, 2012, release date for Battleship, which takes place in the sea, in the sky, and on land in a battle to save the planet against a superior force. Kitsch stars as a naval officer who leads the fight, while Skarsgard will play his brother. Shooting is set to begin soon in Hawaii.

Rihanna previously played herself in the 2006 teen flick Bring It On: All or Nothing. Her “SNL” skit with funnyman Andy Samberg is nominated for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics at the 62nd Annual Emmy Awards.

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  1. infamous

    She will die because of overexposure. She is everywhere, I used to like her but she needs a break.


  2. harvey

    that true RiRi needa break .butt we cant get enough of the bajan princess.


  3. CiaraMedlies

    she will play the pop singer with no vocal nor dancing talent in the movie…


  4. Eric

    Rihanna in a movie with Eric Northman?? CAN’T WAIT


  5. Ash3s

    a break? he wz out for 8 months? what more do you want?


  6. rhea

    as much as i like riri….she cant act for BEANS im sorry…buh it’ll be good if she gets an acting couch first which i think she will


  7. jelisa

    i agree with infamous… like the spice girls said “too much of something is bad enough” she need to take like a 2 year break and then come back…but hey if she can act better that bey i dont mind checking the movie out =)


  8. u knoe

    lol @ Eric

    Eric Northman is the character on True blood, dont start calling anna paquin sookie now


  9. joshua




  10. ...

    i understand why she’s doing it but i hate that everybody thinks they have to act, sing, have a perfume line, do a clothing line, write a book, open their own burger king, and all that nonsense just to remain popular. i miss the days when singers were singers and actors were actors.


  11. sexdrugsandrocknroll

    That rihanna reign is POURING!


  12. Dare

    Good for her the movie dont come out till 2012 so how is this overexposure…. Didnt they say the same about Beyonce but guess what she is still making money.. Anyways congrate rihanna just keep expanding your brand


  13. Giamma

    Riri is gonna slay on silver screen!

    You mad?


  14. Rap*


    Please dont talk about vocal talent when u liek Ciara.

    Good luck to Riri


  15. WOW

    How is she gonna slay when all she’s done is a TV movie when she played HERSELF????
    You madd?


  16. LShea

    OMGee, she’s gonna be in a movie with Alexander?!!!!! I hope they’re a couple!


  17. LShea

    @ … They do it that way in other countries, especially in Japan. Singers don’t just sing; they model, act, design, etc. all at once (a lot of Amer. artists are doing all that now, anyway) and it’s just expected; and it often happens in the reverse, with actors putting out mainstream albums, etc. They’re very much maneuvered products. In that way, we don’t see brands stopping creating new things just because they need a break. These “artists” (using that term loosely in some cases) are brand names, basically.


  18. Terri

    “Battleship” is a board game and how will they make a movie out of that type of game.


  19. dd

    Alexander and Rihanna in a movie….Cant wait !!!!


  20. maxine


    u should be the LAST PERSON to talk about no vocal talent…last time i check ur precious C-error was i back up dancer and hasnt had a number one since when??? hasnt reached riri’s level in the music industry??? has barely any awards???and oh yeah FANTASY FLOP DIDNT EVEN GO GOLD WORLDWIDE!!!!

    when’s her movie comin out??? oh that’s right, she doesnt have any LMFAOOOOO SMH


  21. HHH7387

    The real issue here is that Universal actually green-lighted a “Battleship” movie, which is further proof that Hollywood is running out of ideas. Like Homer Simpson once asked, “When’s the Cap’n Crunch movie coming out?”. This movie has massive train wreck written all over it.

    And we all know that one character will say the famous line “You sunk my battleship!”.



    waiting to see rihanna acting skills… she looks good…


  23. rihannito

    Caaaant fucking waaaiiiittttt

    im so happy seeing the hateerrs going maaad hahahaha

    That Rihanna Reign just Wont let uppppp


  24. rihannito

    yeahhh the haters rr maaadddddd

    her reign is going bigger and bigggggerrrr!!!


  25. ...

    You sound very ignorant and dumb


  26. yourlove

    Word has it Rihanna is the new endorser for Doritos!


  27. Ri'tirehataz

    good job girl! I wish she would star in a drama though. Drama’s are more prone to awards. :)


  28. nemo


    DORITOS??? look im all for makin dat paper and endorsements but DORITOS, really???


  29. True Blue

    ^^ Like you would turn down an endorsement deal from Doritos.


  30. drtash

    LOL…well as long as she ain’t as bad as beyonce then she’ll do fine. (i love bee but I gotta keep it 100)


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