Christina Milian Is One Hot Mama!

Christina Milian

Christina Milian has not been shy since her split from The-Dream. After partying all night with Serena Williams, the baby mama (minus her wedding ring) headed to the Westfield Topanga Mall in Canoga Park, Calif., for some shopping with her mother Carmen. C. Mili must have known the paps would be on her tail because she dressed up for the occasion, teetering in stiletto boots while pushing little Violet Nash in a stroller.

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  1. Rulebreaker

    Damn she’s so hot. But what about her album?


  2. King-Dunn007

    How could Dreams funny lookin fat ass cheat on this beautiful woman….did he really think he would be better off sleepin with his broke ass assistant…as men we gotta do better on pickin women!!!! DUMB ASS


  3. Terri

    This shit is sooooo staged! Yes she looks great, but damn we’ve seen this chick so much after this do called “scandal”. Girl Bye!


  4. cubevision

    LOOOOL @ the dream. dumb mf


  5. LaMont

    She is one hot MILF!


  6. Game

    Oh god damn! She’s smokin’ HOT! Brrr


  7. LShea

    She gonna go outside and do stuff, though; she can’t hide away inside. It’s the paps fault for always shooting her. And dressing up to go shopping/wearing cute or sexy clothes is normal, too. Not a fan of hers at all, but just saying. I hate paparazzi for the overexposure of any artist, but I guess they gotta make their money, too.


  8. v

    wearing somethin like that for a walk and shopping? lol.


  9. shyina

    damm shawty finner then a mug


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