Kanye West Drops ‘Good Ass Job’ Title

Kanye West

Kanye West no longer wants a Good Ass Job. After much speculation, the hip-hop star has revealed that he is cooking up a new album title.

West took to his new Twitter page to answer the question his fans have been asking, what will he name his fifth album? “The album is no longer called Good Ass Job I’m bouncing a couple of titles around now,” he wrote.

He earlier announced that he would continue the college theme of his previous albums The College Dropout, Late Registration, and Graduation. Good Ass Job was to be the last installment in the series.

Kanye West’s fifth album is scheduled for a September 14 release.

Kanye West

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  1. Noi

    something to do with college again ?


  2. Kanyeeezy

    That means its going to be a masterpiece!


  3. WOW

    He knows damn well that retailers were not gonna put that on their shelves. That was a dumbass move.


  4. mike k

    i liked “good ass job”, maybe he would have to drop the “ass” part but aside from that i liked it, but hey im all for new and fresh ideas so ye do ya thang


  5. mr

    yea i think its gonna be way better than good ass job. He prolly is gonna pick a title that has a connection to the music. watever its gonna be called its gonna be legendary. SEPT 14 A DAY TO REMEMBER!


  6. kCudi

    It can’t be something about College,because his last Album was “Graduation”. ^^

    But it’s gonna be better than Good Ass Job anyways.


  7. bosshog

    call it bad ass hair cut


  8. True Blue

    “Good Ass Job” is a really bad album title for someone who’s been the butt of “gay fish” jokes… now people would make actual gay jokes about him.

    Besides, he could follow the theme of his previous albums:

    College Dropout
    Late Registration
    First Job
    Promotion & A Raise
    First Down Payment On A Home
    Pay For My Kids’ College Education



  9. Jordyn

    Who gives a rat ass! What a racist pig. #TeamTaylorSwift


  10. ponyo

    love me some kanye….he should call it….big mouth cause he don’t know when to shut it up


  11. A Realist

    Glad he decided to change the title.


  12. Adam

    Kanye’s a douche, but I’m starting to put that aside and appreciate his music, so I’m a little interested. It’s a good move though.. “Good Ass Job” just sounds stupid. lol


  13. mr

    taylor swift fans shouldnt even comment on this just to say sumthin negative about kanye west. No hes not racist, no hes not a douche, yes he is a musical genius that some people dont have the passion and love for the art of music to realize. If u are gonna be negative put that energy into making your dreams come true. If your not that motivated go sit on a couch and drink a go-gurt while watching yu-gi oh and stay away from inteligent people who actually can appreciate good music


  14. alex

    kanye to the w,e,s,t this is alex from uk monster is the best track ive heard so far on ya album avn’t heard the rest but sure they just as good and do a good ass job :) power is sick to yeh!!!!!!


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