Kid Cudi’s Album Pushed Back Again

Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi’s album has a new release date for the second time in one week.

The “Day ‘N’ Nite” rapper’s sophomore set Man on the Moon 2: The Legend of Mr. Rager is now on the release schedule for October 26, has learned. It was previously slated for September 28.

The hopes for a G.O.O.D. Music release day were dashed when his label Universal Motown moved the album back from its original September 14 date, the same day Kanye West is scheduled to drop his fifth album.

Cudi clears the September 28 date for rap titans T.I. and Young Jeezy.

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  1. ashley

    What the heck!? Stop pushing the date! :( I can’t wait too long.


  2. juulz

    good move, i doubt he’d outsell jeezy or tip dat week, now that the album is coming out late oct he would have a better shot at the grammys in 2012 since it seem like every rapper comin out wit an album dis year

    ***the grammys extended the deadline to sept 30 this yr***


  3. cudi stan

    I love cudi and his music, and going against tip and jeezy is tough, but not as tough as goin against taylor swift that week


  4. bosshog

    they keep pushing it back because he got no promo or buzz need at least 3 months of promo to properly promote a album.Mark my words he will get pushed back again if he dont got a single out within 2 weeks.Plus kelly Rowland dropping the same day and universal not going to make them compete against each other.She ready to go.All cudi fans look for a mid nov date trust me


  5. subbysmollz

    no matter how long he pushes it, he’s still goin to meet up with competition so he might as well jus release it already


  6. True Blue

    Damn, practically EVERY album that’s supposed to come out this year is getting pushed back for whatever reason. I blame Guns N’ Roses and Dr. Dre for this trend.


  7. John

    who gives a fuck…fuck kid cudi he sucks never release the album


  8. A Realist



  9. Lukas

    I can’t wait too long [2] :(


  10. WULU



  11. boozer

    forget kudi..what happen to lupe and lasers?


  12. Mallory Grande

    Fuck that!
    Kid Cudi is fucken dope.

    People just don’t relate to him (vv).


  13. Stizz

    This is bad. What, three songs have leaked already? By late October his whole joint will long since have leaked. Nowadays you gotta drop fast and out of the blue. Dude who said three months to properly promote an album is living in 1999. Kanye should be dropping his album PUSHED UP to next week. He’s only had one song leak and it’s now out as his single, he just joined twitter and is EVERYWHERE. he should drop his album next Tuesday and he would do crazy first week numbers. That would have been brilliant.


  14. GeeGee

    All the most anticipated albums are going to come out either late this year or early next year. This is raaaage!


  15. James

    Man I’m hoping cudi pulls through on this one. The leaks so far have been incredibly disappointing. I respect his ‘revolutionary’ style but I want to hear cudder rappin’. I wanna get lost in those lyrics of his. It doesn’t sound promising thus far. I think GOOD is a great label for cudi but I’m feelin’ it’s pushing him to be less and less of a rapper. He needs to do something different than kanye and diversify. C’mon cud.


  16. byran

    yo kid is crazy good i have faith that he will pull through


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