First Look at Kanye West’s ‘Power’ Video

Kanye West

Kanye West’s six-figure Horus chain hangs low in this first image from his “Power” video. The New York Times got a sneak peek of the clip directed by artist Marco Brambilla. As Mr. West raps, the camera slowly pans out in one continuous, unedited take to reveal him surrounded by nude female attendants; some kneel before him, others wear devil horns, and some are suspended upside down from the ceiling. The Sword of Damocles hangs over the rapper’s head, while an executioner prepares to strike him with a blade.

“It’s kind of apocalyptic, in a very personal way,” Brambilla told ArtsBeat. “It’s a very exaggerated hyper-sensational version of what the song is saying.”

The controversial video is expected to premiere next week on Kanye’s website.

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  1. Tev

    Damn ima be on vacation next week this video gonna be dope though


  2. Yeezy



  3. mike

    yall talking about it being dope only for 1 pic that says NOTHING AT ALL, at least to me…


  4. Infamous1



  5. mr

    it called art and not just someone in a club popping bottles. I know some of yall arent used to creativity. If any of believe that devil worshiping stuff you really might want to seek a mental evaluation asap


  6. d.A.N

    lol so now everybody is devil workshiping? come guyz plz dont be so stupid, so who’s next then?


  7. keith

    wating to see it next week…..that’s when we all see the whole video of power….it’s gon be a great video….i believe he worked hard on it!


  8. keith

    it’s a great thing…that kanye stay creative with his videos & His Music!


  9. Cassive

    Oh, is that a MASONIC OWL around his neck? COOL! Kanye the man!


  10. mr

    i really like the design of the horus.dats a dope chain real creative ye


  11. Toolondeck

    Gay ass fake rappers- all of em have now become bonifide properties of the “ELITE” manipulating the masses inorder to establish their NEW WORLD ORDER. I mean like seriously rappers are complete tools of the capitalist system currenlty. I aint no more wasting my time around these sellout bags infact i’d better hug myself and go to sleep for being fully aware of their gimmicks they infiltrating in our society.


  12. CiaraGotTheMoves

    Whatever happened to simplicity, I mean i know its 2010 and we doing big things but sometimes LESS IS MORE #justsayin


  13. mr

    kanye west is an artist in all forms of it. If your a fan of his then this is what you should expect. I for one enjoy something creative over something simple because in this economy you better give your all as an artist if you expect me to spend my hard earned money to buy your album. I can always count on ye to give his all as a TRUE artist. Please kill the illuminati talk i feel like there has been a breakout at the psyche ward because yall are really mentally insane


  14. JhuntdaProdigy

    It’s not a masonic owl dumb@$$ it’s a fictional Egyptian god. And Power is an epic song, so it needs an epic video! U mean to tell me a black & white video with some champagne popping and all that will suffice for that song?


  15. ma

    So many ppl dont believe that these rappers an singers worship the devil an i understand y so many of yall are so caught up in there music u dont pay attention to the message they are sendn u! for instance take rihannas latest video she also is rockn the horns! they showin yall exactly wt they are nd kanye in jesus walks he tld the whole world he was torn in between god nd the devil from the looks of things he went to the devil! money is the root of all evil! believe wt i say or nt i do.t give a damn. but do somethn for me pay closs attention to the lyris of his song nd b open minded dnt let him fool u


  16. O.J.

    We all know the devil is the God of entertainment…think about it….before satan got kicked out oh heaven he was singig in the choir….real talk


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