Video: Range f/ Rick Ross – ‘Ghetto Dance’


After penning hits for Ludacris, Jamie Foxx, and T-Pain, Range makes the transition from songwriter to singer with his debut music video “Ghetto Dance” featuring Rick Ross. The 24-year-old StarRoc/Roc Nation signee chose director Ray Kay to introduce himself.

“Range is a new star,” Ray Kay told “They came to me to get an edgy piece that shows the hood in a different way, so we went into some neighborhoods full of personalities and soul, and shot them in a fresh way.”

Range’s debut album No Strings is set for an early 2011 release and will include production from Stargate, Shea Taylor, and Ryan Leslie.

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  1. Dante

    I don’t think Jay is gonna let anybody on his label flop so I have a feelin Range is hear to stay ladies and gents.

    Dope song. Gonna be all over the radio once its starts to get picked up


  2. ty

    We’ve had Range.
    We’ve had J. Cole.
    We’ve had Alexis Jordan.

    Now bring on BRIDGET KELLY!
    Roc Nation is the best.


  3. ~AalexisR~ The Summer King (The Bahamas)

    Hahahaha… This is solid…


  4. Webbie

    This is not a hit. Better luck with his next single. I always root for songwriters.



    Not bad. It’s actually a pretty good song. Quite catchy but it takes a number of listens to get to that point. Instrumentals on this song are sick though.


  6. Laugh Out Loud

    Ghetto Dance? More like ghetto trash lol


  7. Rhino

    Early 2011? He should drop it in December AT THE LATEST…this single will be played out by the time the album comes out if they don’t push it forward.

    @Dante: Ever heard of Amil? How about Sauce Money? Peedi Crakk? Omillio Sparks? Oschino? Aztek? Tru Life? Young Steff?

    I rest my case.


  8. AAA

    He’s cute


  9. rob

    songs nothing special i love the beat , his voice is ok , he sound like but i think j would murder this he has more conviction in his tone


  10. Jordyn

    omg my panties are fucking moist. This brother is fine as fuck. I would advise him to go with another song because this isn’t it but he fine as fuck tho so I’ll give him a pass! He looks so much better than half the male R&B singers out. . lol Im really in love w this dude already no lie hehehe


  11. Temisha

    This video is kind of offensive. Girl doing splits on the street corner, the nappy headed children, spanish hookers and ugly mean scary brother mugging the camera. This is what the guy meant by soul and personalities? Then to top it off the name of the song…GHETTO DANCE? When will artists stop pandering to the lower class audiance? His voice is ok, the song is boring and predictable, The video almost made me have a seizure. Over sexualized, predictable, boring and stereotypical. What’s new?


  12. Dante


    I’m talking about Roc Nation. none of those ppl were on Roc nation.

    Jay-z now is on a different level than he was 5-10 years ago. Jay is a mogul now. And J.Cole no doubt will have hits, Alexis Jordan already has a #1 single with Happiness (on dance charts). And Range is gonna be a ladies man plus dude can sing, dance, and write. Yeah he’s not gonna be a flop.

    Roc Nation is the new era Jay. And it’s run by Kanye I think. All the connections right there insure no flops. They all won’t be Neyo’s and Beyonce’s but they wont be Sammie’s and Tyra’s


  13. Dante

    If Mario’s Break Up can be a hit so can this


  14. K4Kenzo

    oooo he fine . nice one , hope he gets far :-)


  15. Poppa

    Song works and satisfies its target audience, I dont think its gonna do to well though, shame cos hes got the image and swagger of a star :)


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