Video: ‘Today’ Show Can’t Handle Flo Rida

Flo Rida brought the club to the “Today” show for an early morning performance of his party starter “Club Can’t Handle Me” from the Step Up 3D soundtrack. Brandy better watch her man because host Hoda Kotb seems to have a thing for him. In addition to David Guetta, Flo has nabbed Lil Wayne (“Fresh I Stay”) and Ludacris (“Why You Up in Here”) for his new album The Only 1.

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  1. Trey

    I wish this pop rapper would go sit down somewhere


  2. WOW

    will he ever be taken seriously as a rapper? he’s an extra weak version of nelly


  3. Room 52638

    Fuck Yall Freedom Speach Haterz, He’s Better Than Nelly ! Hes The Hottest Thang Bitch


  4. CiaraGotTheMoves

    I respect Flo Rida because he makes the best club songs and I also appreciate the fact that doesn’t try to act all hard, he just does him and I bet he’s a really cool dude


  5. ArgyleKyl

    Uh…he’s dating BRANDY?? when did this happen?!


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