Foxy Brown Puts Up a Fight in NYC

Foxy Brown

Foxy Brown can’t seem to keep herself out of trouble. The bad girl had a near run-in with cops for the second time in just over a week.

A massive brawl occurred when the rap diva was visiting someone in a Manhattan apartment building on Thursday (July 29), according to TMZ. Witnesses report that Foxy took part in a fight in the lobby of the high-rise, but it’s unclear what triggered it.

More than 10 people stepped in to break things up until the NYPD eventually showed up. Foxy fled the scene before officers arrived and no arrests were made.

One of the people Foxy reportedly fought with was her manager Bernadette Brennan, who can be seen in this video. Brennan responded with “no comment” when contacted by TMZ.

It was only eight days ago that Foxy was arrested in New York for allegedly violating a protection order and flashing her nemesis neighbor. She was charged with public lewdness, harassment, and criminal contempt in that case.

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  1. drtash

    wow…she seriously needs to get her head sorted out. And i thought she would have learned from all the hell she went through over the years. She needs a therapist or psychiatrist or something ASAP.


  2. WhatTheF

    Are you kidding me? I love you Foxy, but when your album comes out in 2014, you better get your act together. You don’t wanna be one of those people that goes to jail while your album is out and can’t promote it. She’s getting on my nerves now.


  3. Lol-ita

    Nicki’s bringing bitches back! yeah!


  4. The Prophet Blog

    I’m the hugest foxy fan ever but she’s really starting to piss me off now. enough is enough.


  5. yourboycelebrity

    well hell she must be getting ready to drop an album getting in trouble is the only way she can promote her Albums… and this is the reason jay-z stoped helping her career she was starting to make him look bad… foxy go sit your ass down some where and drop some pounds!


  6. WOW

    exactly…..i saw this coming


  7. lillt

    Fat girls are always fighting


  8. anon

    she needs to be on celebrity fit club


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