Video: Solange Makes Music with Mimes

Solange has been keeping a low profile while working on her new album in Santa Barbara, Calif. But she resurfaced with indie rock band of Montreal to duet on their flirty collaboration “Sex Karma” on Thursday’s “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.” The performance art piece called for mimes, but Solo still held her own despite the distracting visuals.

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  1. MB

    I love Solange! Great to see her performing!!!

    I hate that dudes’ voice, especially on Janelle Monae’s album


  2. WhatTheF

    I love that nappy headed hoe!


  3. eddie

    good to be back, solo~


  4. theresa_keys

    thatguy cant really sing


  5. 2011k

    i love solange!!! She just looks so tall and lanky and….normal!!! Its refreshing to see a celebrity that you feel you can relate to ….


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