Video: Jessica Jarrell – ‘Up and Running’

Jessica Jarrell

At 15 years old, singer-songwriter Jessica Jarrell has witnessed teen idolatry firsthand after touring with her labelmate Justin Bieber and dueting with him on his album My World 2.0. Now she’ll see if she can make his Beliebers into hers with her debut album and new single “Up and Running,” produced by The Runners. Teen hearththrobs Aaron Fresh and Diggy Simmons vie for the California girl’s attention in the playful video. Look for our interview with the burgeoning star next week.

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  1. David

    That dude aaron fresh and his dude tried so hard trying to get ol girl and diggy just came and snatched her up by smiling hahaha salty !


  2. Lukas

    she is VERY talented!


  3. anonymous

    Very pretty girl – I pray she keeps her innocence. The industry will destroy a girl like this. Overall – nice song, quite catchy!


  4. Lawea

    she’s cute. i like the song. reminds me so much of rihanna.


  5. sagb



  6. Ahhhh....

    The runners Aahhhh the best !


  7. LaMont

    WOW! She’s only 15! She looks good she looks older than 15!!!


  8. WhatTheF

    Girl bye!


  9. Erin

    the other dude in the video on the motorcycle by aaronfresh is Khalil his twitter is @crazykhalil and he is signed to def jam records. he was featured on diggy’s mixtape. they are best friends.


  10. Jeffery J-Boe

    @Erin, Thanks, Becuase I Was Wondering Who The Other Guy Was… And Yet Once Again @What The F Is A Complete Hater… Jessica Jarrell Is Gonna Really Take Over The Industry, Because She’s A Good Singer, Great Song-Writer, She Can Actually Dance, and Plus She’s Very Pretty… She’s Already Made Herself Known By Her YouTube Fans, and Justin Bieber Fans, There Is Nothing That Can Stop Her… Jessica Jarrell For 2010, and Beyond.


  11. cosmolitetz

    shes beautiful


  12. Laugh Out Loud

    one word…….FLOP!!!



    It’s a fun song! Very catchy. She is innocent looking too.

    Her success is hard to read for me. She has a good look and song. I hope we get to know more about who she is and what she wants her career to be like in the coming months.

    But I’m sure a lot of young girls (and guys for that matter LOL) will like her as well.

    She has my co-sign!


  14. GeeGee

    This would be an instant hit here in Australia.


  15. jhuntdaprodigy

    It’s a nice little pop song, and she’s a beautiful girl, has a very nice voice, and is obviously talented. I don’t see this song being a smash hit though. Bieber is a rare case, most teen pop artist don’t blow up b/c their label supplies them with cookie-cutter songs, that don’t rly stand out. Here’s hoping for her success though


  16. ashedah israel

    grl I <3 your song it is my favorite song and you expire me to sing and dance more than do now so peace 4 now


  17. diggy's gf

    HE IZ MINE!!! :)


  18. eh

    island def jam is such a flop when it comes to teenies. all the teenies signed to their record label are complete flops except for justin bieber.


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