New Music: Marsha Ambrosius – ‘Hope She Cheats on You’

Marsha Ambrosius

After lending her vocals to dozens of records and releasing her own albums with Floetry, Marsha Ambrosius goes at it alone on “Hope She Cheats on You (With a Basketball Player),” the first single off her forthcoming J Records debut Late Nights & Early Mornings, due October 26. Collaborations with Alicia Keys, Dre & Vidal, and Just Blaze are featured on the set.

The soulful songstress describes the mid-tempo record as “the reality of a bad break up.” She continues, “We wanna be decent human beings and say the right thing, you know, ‘I wish you well.’ But this is ‘Everything that could go wrong for him, I want it to because my ego is bruised and I’m acting out.’”

Download: Marsha Ambrosius – “Hope She Cheats on You (With a Basketball Player)”

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  1. Critic

    This is a nice song!!!


  2. Will

    Wow dope cover marsha is beautiful.



    this shidd go soooooooo hard//so happy 4 her


  4. listen

    not a great first single…Marsha is capable so much better!


  5. Jay London

    not impressed at all!! she doesnt look like herself anymore, she sings dry ass rnb, so disappointed, still love her voice but i mean she can do sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better…


  6. Erin

    wow Marsha has lost a lot of weight! she looks absolutely stunning! Great vocals as always..not really feeling this song for her but I’m still a huge fan!


  7. Fred S.

    Great first single. Amazing body…she did loss some weight. Them vocals on the “Look at how it all turned out now,” is giving me chills. She is a beast and I am very happy for her. I am mos def copping the record. It may have been best for her to go solo. I think “Floetry” was holding her back. She sexy and I would have her babies…lol…but GOD didn’t create me to do so. Maybe she can have mine…wishful thinking right…Peace and Blessings


  8. ouchhh!

    she lost madddd weight son!!!


  9. bass_man

    wow, she’s stunning.

    i hope she brings some soul on this debut though! this is kind of early ’00′s midtempo. love the flow and concept though. now, i don’t have to keep playing her mixtape. CANT WAIT


  10. javonscott

    we ALL know what she is capable of.. but if she releases some slow ballad it won’t do anything for her album.. i like the song it shows commerical sound & she’s not straying away from her usual sound too much.


  11. Phoenix_Wright

    I’m loving everything about this right here, especially the lyrics. And that beat goes hard! I will be watching her.


  12. joy love

    “hope she cheats on you (with a basketball player)”
    what a title…but can we talk about how she looks…WOWWWWW


  13. A Realist

    Its a nice song. And damnnnnn at all the weight she lost. Good for her.


  14. Dillon_68

    Wow, hot sh**!


  15. JJ

    This is hot and she is looking great!!


  16. justme



  17. Lisa

    Love this woman and the new single! I still get it in to “Freakin’ Me” with her and Jamie Foxx.


  18. lilkuna

    she lost weight.
    i dont like how they made her eyes blue.

    j records? i thought she was with dr dre? will j support her? they only care about alicia.

    i didnt expect this from marsha. i hope other songs are released bc i wont buy the cd off this song. yes this song is true, but i dont know something about it bothers me.


  19. Jarvis

    its ok…but she looks good.


  20. B.A.Mami

    her voice alone makes me wanna buy her album, she be killin it with those ad libs and runs when she be on songs.


  21. Stephonne

    LOVE. great song with some complete honesty. The mixing is in your face and more raw as far as her voice and I like that because it come across so genuine. I’m glad she’s with J. I don’t think they just care about Alicia. I do think that Dr. Dre often cares about himself. Most of his artist partnerings on Aftermath don’t work or pan out and his top artists don’t even work with him anymore because he is so busy. I was hoping for some magic because I remember Michele from way back in the day and that album is CLASSIC and produced by him. Oh Well. Can’t wait to hear more and see her do promo on the TV circuit. This will be a big record.


  22. Infamous1



  23. lipz

    wow love her new look, love this song!!! I need her album when it comes out…I still remember the floetry days…”all u gotta do is say yes!”


  24. ...

    wonderful voice, blah material. she’s better than this. hate the image, as well. not everybody needs to be a damn sex kitten.


  25. ...

    and also, floetry’s first album > anything she’ll put out


  26. Diamond


    Her eyes were always that color…….that being said I am in-love with Marsha Ambrosius she always does her thing @… Nothing about that picture says sex kitten….It’s a very tasteful way of showing her new physique off….I love everything she does I’m gonna play this til it doesn’t play anymore


  27. Diamond Girl

    Hell yeah..Love the lyrics, She sounds like she is struggling with annunciation on her tongue a little bit. (maybe due to her accent) But i’m gonna blast this in my car for a while to come!


  28. Galil (Pinoy baby!!!)

    Album is gonna come out on Aftermath so it there will be long time cause Detox hasn’t yet come out.


  29. ULISES

    It’s hit! The only thing is I don’t understand why every song on the radio has to be about “sex.” The beat is great and her vox are amazing! Great job!


  30. harvey

    this is my jam #1 on R&B charts its very catchyy IMMA CALL MY LOCAL RADIO STATION AND REQEST THIS.


  31. Ace Jones

    We should support this real R&B and not manufactured garbage. This girl can sing and has came back creatively. I know the live set will go hard. @ Erin, youre just hating!!! Marsha is actually dime-ish now. Yeeayuuh!


  32. Elisha

    OMG gwan Marsha reppin the UK although the ppl dont know ur from here! Blow girl blow xxxxxx


  33. miamigirl

    I’m lovin’ this song!!!!!!!!!! I also got her mixtapes!!!!!!!!!!!!


  34. Billy

    Is it just me, or are “black”/r&b artists becoming whiter and whiter? Marsha is certainly talented, but are there not any darker talented girls getting record deals, too?


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    [...] #PEEP her latest single I Hope She Cheats On You (With a Basketball Player) and check the description via Rap-Up: [...]

  36. StudioKev

    This is hot! Top 10 on the boards material right here. If this single gets pushed rite, I promise it’ll be around for years!


  37. DredLoc'd Diva

    Although I am saddened by the end of Floetry, I am ecstatic that Marsha will still be blessing us with her awesome instrument…Can’t wait to go get it. (The real one, not the hustleman copy, lol.)


  38. kimberly

    When does the cd release?


  39. NELLIE**



  40. Ms.Thang

    I love this song, when I heard it on the radio I knew it was her because of her distinct voice, She looks so good since she lost the weight I hope they give her a chance on J records i wish she could have signed to another label.


  41. FAMU Rattler

    She kills this song!!! She KILLS this shit I wish her the best of luck in her career this song went SOOOOO hard!!!! The first two lines she kills it!!

    Not to mention she’s stunningly beautiful!!!


  42. n

    for some of yall saying this is too fake of a look for her.. plz understand the neo soul movement has faded and she has to eat. .if yall are true neo soul fans keep supporting artists in the movement so they dont have to change their styles to what’s popular today. …cant stand when ppl complain about music of the past and how its change, and then dont support them by buying their music, requesting their songs on radio, etc… love the new look and song marsha!!!!! do your thing!!!! love u!!!! i’m supportin you all the way because your a true singer!!!!


  43. kaybella

    i loooooove this song


  44. S. Tarver

    I love this song its a hit, I just wonder will this be her only hit. I hope not.


  45. Tiffany Miller

    I love writting lyrics and not only is this beat hot I love everything said. :)


  46. Ariel

    In response to N… the music business does not work like that. The simple solution is not “just buy their records and request their songs.” Maybe its not common knowledge, but fans aren’t the ones controlling who get’s played on the radio or played on any of Viacom’s popular “music” stations (BET, MTV, Vh1).

    The record company is in control of pushing for certain singles by certain artists on the radio station. That’s why if you turn to any major hiphop and r&b station within an hour you’ll hear the same repeat of the same songs.

    With that said, the single is okay. Nothing that I would actively listen to, and I do hope she has some better material coming out. I think she looks good, though I wonder how long it will be before she stops rocking the textured and curly hair and just goes to straight hair.

    Realistically, she’ll be another talented artist who goes on he wayside because of artists like Rihanna and Beyonce. She’ll be another Chrisette Michele- very beautiful and but with too much talent to have “mass appeal.”


  47. Celicia

    I love this song but i love the remix even better..i dnt even know what she looked like before this..really i dont care..she is awesome..and i love her work..:)


  48. Ebbster

    I love this song and this is my anthem for the rest of the year!!!!! I feel what she’s singing about big time


  49. morgan

    this song goes hard


  50. pbxjedi

    Damn she’s hot and so is this track. Far Away is amazing!


  51. Tish

    Lovin the new song – far away Marsha!! Lookin very beautiful -u go girl!! Of course u have always been beautiful and I luv your music keep showin us what good music is all about-much luv!


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