Video: 50 Cent Guests on ‘Today’ Show

50 Cent

50 Cent chatted with “Today” hosts Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford about his three new films (Gun, Twelve, and Things Fall Apart), how he lost 60 pounds to play a cancer patient, and working with some of the “Gossip Girl” cast in Twelve. Kathie Lee also told Curtis how thrilled she was for his success. “I feel good. I think I’m a work in progress,” responded the humbled star.

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  1. Sargewp

    *claps* but after this movie shit…. we want more music 50!!!!


  2. King$am

    50 is doing big things


  3. Sanja

    I just love him! :))) He’s THE BEST, NUMBER ONE!!!


  4. lison

    putaainnnnnnnnn , il est trop beau !!!!


  5. BitchPlease

    I so luv this man I swear :)


  6. WhatTheF



  7. Philly11

    When u look up hardworking in the dictionary this nigga picture should be right next to that word..


  8. iRawk

    he is so yum!he is also a shrewd businessman! love him


  9. pippo

    50 cent is simply the Boss


  10. vinc

    I c that snitchin didn’t pay off so he had to go and try some other shit….fcuk 50


  11. Jade

    I’m happy for him


  12. filisha

    I like you but calm down stop the hate real love is in your face not in your pockets.


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