New Music: Nicki Minaj f/ Jay Sean – ‘Your Love (Remix)’

Jay Sean and Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj’s “Love” brings all the boys to the yard. After Rick Ross jumped on her chart-topping hit, Jay Sean provides a more gentle touch on his remix, seducing his girl with nothing more than his voice.

The Cash Money-Young Money cohorts have also collaborated on “2012 (It Ain’t the End),” the first single from Jay’s new album. A video for that is scheduled to debut this Sunday.

Download: Nicki Minaj f/ Jay Sean – “Your Love (Remix)”

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  1. MB

    Jay Sean sucks. There’s no way around it.


  2. TeamMinaj

    Young Money runs the world… All else move aside…


  3. aj

    jay sean is the best and he attracts jealous shits like MB to the yard….kiss his cash money ass and say the greatest singer on the planet..hallellujah…


  4. cimo

    Jay is the new king.usher is the one tht sucks ass.all hail the new king JAY.


  5. carl



  6. A Realist

    FINALLY! A good remix to this song! Flo-Rida failed. Sean Paul failed. Rick Ross failed. Jay Sean did it justice.


  7. Toolondeck

    Jay’s terrific!


  8. me

    noooooo he fucked the song up. he needs 2 have a seat and not try this again. shit aint even mixed on the same levels. nicki had it right the first time.


  9. Melanie

    I love this remix, Nicki did a great summer jam and this remix is a great supplement to it. Ugh I’m so tired of the haters that wanna compare the up and comers, like Jay Sean, to the proven winners. Usher has been around for ages and still making people dance and grind, Jay Sean will be very lucky to have that long of a career, but I wish him the best. Lets all support the new artist instead of trying to pit them against all the veterns.


  10. ...

    jay sean is one of the best looking guys in music (IMO) buuttttt that’s about all the positives i have for this track. he can’t sing, she can’t rap, both of ‘em are overhyped.


  11. Reminded

    Nicki Minaj reminds me of Kat Stacks, with that annoying accent & about everything else (except nicki’s not a *bleep!*) just my opinion


  12. MB92

    Jay Sean was so not needed on this song, the remixes need to stop, but rick ross remix sounded good suprisingly. BTW im not that MB person its MB92 dont get it twisted


  13. Diamond

    How many remixes are there gonna be to this song?


  14. bow down

    Jay sean killed it this dudes voice is incredible.


  15. Jaye

    Jay Sean can sing??? who knew??? @Diamond a few, Chris Brown just did a remix, lol

    But as a stan, I can say that the song is old to me, I love it, but I want something else; selfish I know…


  16. true talent

    All you retarded haterz fall back just cuz Jay Sean is still new you hatin’ on him, but when he reaches the top ya’ll be on his cQck. And the remix is awesome!


  17. amigo

    jay sean cant sing? where did u get tht shit from bitch.he is one of the very few in business that can actually sing anywhere anytimr and still look good…check with ppl who heard him singing even with no mike or special effects on…cut ur hate crap, this is the best remix done for this track and jay is in deed the next king!!


  18. mijo

    He is probably the best south asian singer since freddie mercury and idiots hating on him.

    H e actually did sing some proper depth songs, not just chart toppers like down and do u remember.

    People complaining are ignorents who never do the reserch and talk shit, check out his album Me against myself. one of the best Rnb albums ever,..


  19. IDK

    Jay Sheezy is the best pop and r&b artist, hes gonna get grammys and shit..


  20. Hey

    Jay Sean Is Corny to Me


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