Behind the Video: Kanye West – ‘Power’

“How do you visually paint a portrait of power?” asked artist Marco Brambilla when approaching Kanye West’s video for “Power.”

Inspired by Michelangelo’s frescos in the Sistine Chapel, the piece combines motion and imagery to depict a faux historical moment—an empire on the brink of collapse from its own excess, decadence, and corruption.

“It’s a moment of transition for [Kanye],” Brambilla told The New York Times. “It’s like the end of an empire. It’s him becoming mortal again.”

The apocalyptic video for “Power” premieres Thursday at 11 p.m. on MTV following “Jersey Shore.”

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  1. FiddleB

    ….idk about this vid….lot of symbolism it look like…I love yezzy but…idk…


  2. lol your mind to new looks like its going to be insane! i love how kanye does his own thing and puts so much effort into what he creates. I cant wait for this.


  3. Ok Ok

    If I dont like the video = im close minded, LOL ok, good job brainwashing the youth Kanye….


  4. JD

    How is the song doing on the charts?


  5. melissa

    satanic much? i like the song, but im almost certain that the video is gonna give me nightmares.


  6. AAA

    It’s doing amazing o the charts…and I can’t wait to see this video, smh ppl wake up for a change,kanye allways got them dope vids, instead the usual boring video with a new whip,and néw chick…you don’t do anything outstanding , your wack point blank


  7. Rad

    LOL people with closed minds should just keep the that way.
    Shut your mind, shut your doors, shut your windows, and stay safe in your bland boring box.

    Anyway, the rest of us will be to busy partying with the devil downstairs in the basement.


  8. Soulful Roses

    Yeah…This looks very santanic. But I didn’t know that made me closed-minded.Damn..I learn something new from the stans everyday..LOL!


  9. WOWzers

    Satanic? really guys? WOW! nothing about the directors insight on the concept of the video nor this behind the scenes look nor the concept itself screams satanic…I swear people these days throw words around without even knowing what the fuck they actually mean lmao fucking life in 2010 smh


  10. listen

    kanye is the definition of an artist. it’s much bigger than music with him, it’s about art and expressionism. his visuals are incredible. dope!


  11. kani k.

    wow i’m so curious now.!!


  12. mr

    i hate when people try to find satanic messages in everything he does. He is a lover of art, creativity, and great music that is it. Dont short your brains because you are thinking to hard. Kanye west fans understand him and no this will be nothing less than great.


  13. you

    even if kanye straight up made a video where he was giving the devil a sponge bath, i could care less as long as he keeps making dope tracks


  14. renaee nae

    i didnt even know they can show naked women on youtube lol smh …anyways cant wait for the vid


  15. chet



  16. Jordyn

    Who cares . . Flop.

    Anyway Taylor Swift is back u guys. . .Mine is amazing. I wonder is Kanye West gonna hate on her new single smh. What a douche lord!


  17. mr

    @jordyn do you have a life! I mean are you mad because hasn’t posted ne thing about her(besides vma nom but vmas are not credible anyway. I smell a real crazy girl who has some issues


  18. :)

    I hope Taylor Swift makes a cameo!! A really short one, of course.


  19. Keith

    This is gone be the best video of 2010…..but kanye don’t call it a video….he call it painting….so that means it’s more than just a video….just by looking at it now….it already look like it’s gon be amazing….kanye always suprising with his creative ideas!


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