New Music: Dondria – ‘Makin’ Love’


Dondria explores the art of “Makin’ Love” on a soulful new cut from her debut album Dondria vs. Phatfffat (Aug. 17). The Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes-sampled record was produced by Jermaine Dupri and written by Cri$tyle (Beyoncé, Mariah Carey).

“It kinda describes real love instead of sex,” says the So So Def singer. “It’s a deep connection between me and him. It’s more than physical, it’s emotional, it’s spiritual, it’s mental.”

Download: Dondria – “Makin’ Love”

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  1. Beyonce Stan

    So why wasnt this her next single? Clearly this is the direction she needs to head.

    Like this song a lot but her voice sounds force. She needs to relax and belt it out.


  2. Tony

    great song!!! just 1 of my fav’s on the album. this is actually a great DEBUT for her.


  3. WhatTheF

    Poor girl’s gonna flop so hard. Not only did her single not chart on the Hot 100, but it only peaked at #14 on the R&B charts. That’s not bad, but it’s not top 10. She should just go to college LOL.



    Is it just me or does she look tranny-licious! JD- good luck man. IDK. I’m not too convinced by this girl. Some people got that it factor and I haven’t seen anything amazing from her just yet. Prove me wrong….


  5. sups

    Why are songwriter liar-Beyonce) and Mariah in bracket? First i thought they co-written they song. of course i know it aint so but im sure other might believe they co-wrote. lmao


  6. MB

    Her covers are much better than her own songs, smh! She has an undeniable voice, but her beats are so boring and simple. She’s gonna flop :(


  7. a

    I took it as cristyle also wrote songs for bey and mariah I doubt rapup was saying bey wrote something but hey…


  8. a

    But really the text implies cristyle is bey and mariah that need to be clearer to the reader unless bey and mariah formed a song writing team name cristyle.


  9. MB

    Wow “a” you’re slow lol. The “( )” means those are examples of artists Cristyle has written for…

    quit trying to throw shade at Bee.


  10. a

    Mb how am I slow I was responding to Sups comment basically saying what u said. But technically the text can be taken a few ways. PS. IM NOT THOWING ANYTHING BEY WAY.


  11. mal

    i thought this song would sound alot better from the snippet i heard. i love dondria since her youtube days but something doesnt sit right with her vocals on this track….hmmm


  12. cityonfiya

    shine blockas?


  13. miamigirl

    I love the concepts of the song and her voice, but some of the beats she be on is borin’ as hell!!!!!. I want dondria 2 stay around, i got a feelin’ that she ain’t gon’ 2 stay on soso def 4 long, i just got this feelin’.


  14. youngsouthmemphis

    everything u do cool dondria..been with ya since youtube days..fell in love with you when i heard your voice..was in the rumba room when u came to memphis..keep doin ya thang love the song


  15. honeybun

    like this song much better than that other song with diamond


  16. NIck Duh



  17. cookie

    i love dondria and i’ve been a fan of her since youtube and most of yall negative comments are insane..this is one of my favorites off the album WHY?? cause her vocals r crazy on this song and ppl have to realize rihianna didnt get her FAME until Good girl Gone Bad..damn yall gota giv ppl time to impress the world 1st. smh #teamdondria


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