Video: Ice Cube – ‘Drink the Kool-Aid’

Ice Cube

Ice Cube puts some color into a black-and-white world in the video for “Drink the Kool-Aid,” the latest offering from I Am the West, in stores September 28. The rapper-actor rocks a purple Mr. Kool-Aid T-Shirt while journeying through the Wild Wild West. Take a sip of Cube’s latest banger below.

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  1. Bizzy G.

    Nice song nice beat.
    nuff said!


  2. Sly B.

    Cube is the illest. Waiting for that album.
    Drink dat kool aid bitches


  3. hautmess

    the hell is this shit about.


  4. Dr.KeyKnob

    Hauntlmess…:..the hell, this shit all about you, fool..!…and i´m lovin it!!!


  5. brock

    drink the koolaid refers to the jamestown massacre where people drank koolaid and died.
    hes saying people are following whats hot and will do what others do


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