Video: Chris Brown Is a Dancing Machine

Chris Brown

“If you’re over 30, you better party like you’re 17 tonight,” Chris Brown told a club full of VIPs and studio executives at the Takers premiere at Boulevard3 in Hollywood on Wednesday night (Aug. 4).

Despite some sound issues, the action star danced his way back into the hearts of the crowd and thousands of Ustream viewers who tuned in for the mini-concert’s live webcast. His set list included “Wall to Wall,” “Deuces” with Tyga and Kevin McCall, “No Bullshit,” and “Forever.”

He showed off his fancy footwork by performing choreography to “Teach Me How to Dougie,” “This Is How We Do It,” “Jump Around,” “Poison,” and other party anthems. He also sang part of R. Kelly’s sensual “Bump N’ Grind.” “I was like three [when that song came out],” joked Chris before throwing up the deuces and exiting the stage to mingle with his Takers co-stars, saying, “I’m about to get drunk.”

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  1. jstars

    incredible talent! im glad he is coming back strong


  2. Destiny's Chick



  3. 3lle

    Chris Brown that was awesome!!!! I can watch him dance foreva foreva foreva hahaha naw but Breezy did that and he sung my song DEUCES…I love that song! Nobody is messin with Chris’ dougie!!!!


  4. WhatTheF

    I LOL’ed when he tried to make the crowd clap, and you heard Crickets.

    He performed 1 hit and 3 flopped singles? He can dance though. Maybe he and C-Error can become back-up dancers for Janet since their music career isn’t working out.




    mean, but true. chris brown is done.


  6. Soulful Roses

    Awesome :)


  7. B-Rad

    Did he just say the F* word????????


  8. hunter

    @ B-Rad

    yea he did…he’s trying to be tough and mature now by cursing, jus like he did on the majority of his songs on in my zone smh


  9. debbie

    in other news…when does trey songz album come out? we need r&b singers not backup dancers


  10. wamp wamp

    yea he is slowly but surely turning into a male ciara…can dance like crazy but barely sings


  11. Red

    @ Debbie – LMFAO – Trey ( R&B Singer) Get The Fu(k Out Of Here! Tre’s voice is like you.. none existence!


  12. g3

    He is so damn sexy I love him


  13. debbie

    @ Red

    while ur boy is busy dancin @ afterparties, trey is busy on tour w/ jay z bout to go on tour with monica and preppin his follow up to his GRAMMY NOMINATED SOPHMORE album…so yea trey wins


  14. mr

    @debbie trey didnt win a grammy so dat dont count and plus we all know just does horrible impressions of pedophile r.kelly. He is crazy if he thinks he is gonna outsell kanye west smh with his weak 2 singles(nicki minaj made bottoms up)




    STFU Dumn Cunt & While Trey Is Crossing His Fingers That this Followup does Not Flop Chris Was Performing A After Party For His Performance In A Full Motion Picture Film “Takers” & Workin On New Album While In Town

    An Also Trey Last Album Failed To Even Sale 600,000 Copies While Chris Browns “Graffiti” Still Sold 1,000,000 wit it being a FLOP so Close Your Trap!!!!!!!!


  16. WAP

    go chris deuces moves up from 26 to 15 on the hip/hop rand b charts. go chris go.


  17. Alicia Green

    good job chris yahhhhhhhhhhh you did it baby the crowd sucked anyway i love you always baby


  18. Alicia Green



  19. xxx

    in which world did graffiti sold 1000000? i wanna know it, cause it’s not the real world…
    chris is a dancer, yes…a singer…nononono!


  20. Suryal

    Haters!!! Fuck Off


  21. sb

    @ wamp wamp
    did you just say he turned to male ciara? hahaha..
    i’m sorry but i just saw 19min. of singing and only 8 min dancing..
    he was trying to party it up cuz the crowd was boring as shit.. SMH!
    you dumb as fuck lol


  22. okay

    pls stop with ur bullshit cuz even chris brown him self knws graffiti flop ……….graffiti sold 102,489 copies in its first week via


  23. Zeezy

    As a singer CB sucks!


  24. oceanmate

    you turn into “crabs-n-ah-bucket when you fight


  25. Monroe

    The crowd was pretty dead that night, and not just for Chris. There was barely any noise for T.I. and Keri either.

    And yeah, Graffiti didn’t do as well as he’d hoped. I’m not gonna even lie. But one bad album does not a career define. Trey’s first two albums flopped and now all of a sudden he’s this huge threat? Chile boo, stop.

    And why is Chris cursing such a huge deal? He’s 21 now, I know a lot of 21-year-olds who curse. Does that mean they’re trying to be “tough and mature”? No.
    He’s growing up and so’s his fanbase. Hence the fact that he doesn’t have to be G-rated anymore.

    Anyways, he killed his performance and his dancing. It was a fun night.


  26. Lisa

    Wamp wamp. Give me Omarion anyday over CB. He can’t dance nor sing as good as O.


  27. Suz

    Chris is A M A Z I N G !!!!!! I am a 43 yr old white girl and I just adore him! He has shown us all the Power of Integrity… he has been brought through this in spite of all the haters!!!! Good for him!


  28. Suz

    btw: Chris is a quadrupal threat… dancer singer songwriter and actor. Sierra does not compare… give me a break!


  29. a

    He did that ish! I was very intertained.


  30. a

    He did that ish! I was very entertained.


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  33. Jay

    I agree with Monroe.


  34. Crickets*

    Lol, did you justify his failed career for a “cheap” audience??? Last time I checked the audience buys the albums & Chris just sucks not the crowd. He knows his career is failing & he realized how Trey turned his flop career into a success & now he’s doing the same.

    @Suz go take your dried up overies & balding head out your bum bum cause Ciara is so much better (despite her flop a5$ album)



  35. dude

    I can tell alot of you people live negative lives, the only reason for all this hate. Chris continue to do you man, haters are going to hate regardless.


  36. hmm

    fact is when he first came out he wasnt much over a singer more of a dancer…but no his voice has gotten way where he can sing live and song good..somebody said flopped single..the only chris brown single that has ever flopped is i can transform ya..and not cause it didnt do good but not close to his normal..everybody that keeps talking about trey songz..he is ok..his material is starting to get old..his video same bullshit..and why everybody keeps complaining that he’s cursing..hes not gonna stay 16 forever..smh!


  37. T.I. Calls ‘Takers’ Stunts ‘Outstanding’

    [...] the stage with Keri Hilson for a performance of “Got Your Back.” Not to be outdone, Chris Brown performed as well. C. Breezy focused on dancing and, midway through his set, hyped the crowd to the sounds of [...]

  38. damn!

    CB, the haters can say what they want, they eat, sleep and shit you! Fucking wierd ass stalkers, get a life!


  39. ponyo

    people chris brown is a human being and we all have done things that we ain’t pround of…some of us have done worst….i found it somewhere in my heart to forgive him and u guys should forgive him i ‘ve seen better dance moves in the subway #justsaying


  40. Room 52638



  41. Princess Ty

    I love his hair with the curls ;). Y is trey songz even bein brought on this post he didnt even perform……..? But antyways his performance was beast! N also audience was dead as hell!


  42. Me

    2 things-

    -artists dont really like when the front rows of shows/concerts are full of industry vips & execs b/c they tend to just stand there and act like they’ve BEEN THERE,DONE THAT & are too good to show they really like something. that’s why usually, awards shows put fans in the front. so a room full of these ppl is not going to respond just like a room full of non-industry

    -these days, a LOT of ppl stand almost still at concerts b/c they’re TAPING it. instead of being in the moment, they’re trying to make sure their camera catches it all for them. if you notice the crowd, look how many people are holding their phones up

    His voice has really developed nicely. Good job, Chris!


  43. miamigirl

    the performance was pretty nice!!!!!!!!!! I love u CB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  44. let's be real

    Chris Brown and Trey Songz are FRIENDS. They are not the same age, they don’t have the same tone and voice. Chris Brown does runs, Trey is into his vibrato. Trey Songz sing more slow songs. They’re two different complexions and body types. They are both Grammy nominees They are NOT competing. There is room for both. They are friends ,don’t create a fan-made rift.

    Chris Brown is 21yrs old. He can curse. It was fine. His performances were great. The acapella on “No Bullshit” and the dancing was phenomenal. I was so sure he’d fall on that stage doing all those flips and jumps, but he’s a pro on stage. I enjoyed it. It was great doing those older songs for the older audience. They got a kick out of “Poison” for one, especially.


  45. rite2myopinion

    Come on haters stay on your effing job because without you there is no motivation. Chris has his haters scare shizless because he has not let the negativity stop him. He slowed down a bit but he stayed on his grind, steady moving forward inch by inch while haters kept his name on their tongues and tied up in their heads. Job well done haters, Chris knows how to handle you undercover fans in your hater disguised. Say what you want, Chris is a singer, dancer, songwriter, producer, actor and can hold a show by himself and keep the audience entertained. When Chris hit the stage, ain’t no age limit gotta give it to him, he can hold it down. When the last time you heard someone ask for their money back after one of his shows? Ummm, are you still thinking? OK, ICU need more time.

    Chris was out of the main stream media for almost 18 months not one young R&B singer has stepped up to the plate to own entertainment like Chris. Audiences aren’t checking for the want to be like R.Kelly, Levert or Luther they want you to have your own image. You can’t copy somebody else’s style then half step with it. The TV media, radio and award shows got to let Chris back in if they want to make some money or get their ratings up.


  46. J15

    Ive always followed chris since day one , but yeah i cant see his career improving , Sad but true..


  47. silvia brown

    a mi chris breezy como estas me gusta como bailas me gustaria ke me ensenes a baila estoy muy felez con las cosas ke haces teme cuidas te kiero mucho y te deseo todas las suerte del mundo te amo


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