Video: Joey Crack Cracks Jokes with Chelsea Handler

Fat Joe and Chelsea Handler

Fat Joe was back in Chelsea’s chair looking comfortable on Wednesday’s “Chelsea Lately.” Joey Crack, who was the first rapper to appear on her show, told stories about meeting the Chinese Fat Joe, eating lion soup, his ass crack, and teenage sons. We can’t stop cracking up.

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  1. WhatTheF

    Nobody is buying this LOL.


  2. What?

    Lol @WhatTheF
    Um, are you serious? Fat Joe was not the first rapper to be on Chelesa Lately. There’s been T.I., Rick Ro$$, Lil’ Jon, Big Boi, Pharrell, Erykah Badu (if she’s still considered a rapper), and Fat Joe has been on once before. The list goes on…


  3. Phoenix_Wright

    I love this. Her interviews are the best. & Fat Joe really doesn’t get the recognition he deserves.


  4. #TeamTip

    Can this guy get any Fatter
    He should change his name to Fatter Joe


  5. Rawr

    @What? She means that he was the first rapper to ever appear on the show other than this appearance he made another appearance before it


  6. Diamond

    I love Chelsea Lately.

    Fat Joe its a wrap – seriously!


  7. Blindz

    buy the albumb its CRACKK


  8. Selma

    album is hotttttttt


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