Wyclef Jean Announces Official Bid for Haitian Presidency

Wyclef Jean

The rumors are true: Wyclef Jean is officially running for the Haitian presidency. The 40-year-old singer-turned-politician announced his bid earlier this week, after talk surfaced of his involvement in the upcoming elections.

The former Fugees member has been a staunch supporter of his native Haiti, acting as the spokesman for the country and aid organizer following the earthquake that destroyed residents’ homes and spirits on January 12. After numbers showed more than 200,000 people were killed and left homeless, Wyclef knew he had to get more involved.

“The suffering of the people of Haiti, the youth of Haiti—which is the majority of the population—can’t take another five years of the corruption that’s been going on for the past 200 years. This is why I’m running,” Jean tells PEOPLE magazine.

Some may take the “Gone Till November” hitmaker’s running as a joke, but he assures that he’s a qualified candidate for the position, having lived in Haiti for five years as well as owned property there. Even his Yéle Haiti organization, which he founded in 2005, was created with the hopes of changing the island’s negative landscape.

“Automatically, when people first see me they’re going to say, ‘Isn’t that the guy from the Fugees?’” says Jean. “But I’m hoping that next they’ll say, ‘OK. He knows what he’s talking about.’”

–Georgette Cline

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  1. Phoenix_Wright

    wowwww, If he is serious about taking care of his homeland then good luck to him. I hope those rumors about giving his “jump off” some of that donation money wasn’t true. Because if it was then he has no chance in hell.


  2. yeah

    this is hilarious


  3. kani k.

    i can’t take it seriously for some reason..


  4. Rawr

    Really??? XD


  5. Tonya

    This is insane, I respect his love and commitment to his country but it takes more than that to run one. People go to school for years in political studies and still have to work their way up to higher offices. I just feel that if he does get this position he will do more damage than good with his inexperiece dealing with policital machines.


  6. Diamond

    @Tonya I said the same thing on another blog site.

    Wyclef has been a major help to Haiti, especially after that Earthquake happened, but I don’t think running for president will benefit that country, at all.


  7. sofort kredite

    I am not sure if Wyclef Jean will be a good president for Haiti. Only because you are famous doens’t mean you are a good politican. Or maybe you are a politican but that doesn’t make you a valuable leader. I am really looking forward to see what he is making with the country. In the end Arnold doesn’t make a too bad job in California.


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