Cover + Tracklisting: Teairra Mari – ‘Sincerely Yours’ EP

Sincerely Yours

While Teairra Mari re-records her sophomore album, formerly titled At That Point, she’s offering her patient fans a 7-track digital EP. The sexy singer will release Sincerely Yours to iTunes on August 17 featuring the singles “Sponsor” and “Body.”

“The reason we decided to release an EP is because At That Point… Honey, I am past that point,” she told Rap-Up TV. “Most of the songs were getting leaked and it was just like, we have to go back to the drawing board for the album because I don’t want to put something out that everybody’s already heard. So I decided that I needed to give my fans something because they bang me upside the head like, ‘Hey, when’s the album coming out?’”

Peep the cover and check out the tracklisting below.

1. “Uneasy”
2. “Sponsor” feat. Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy
3. “Emergency”
4. “Body”
5. “Lucky”
6. “Operator”
7. “Stranger” (Bonus)

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  1. Trent

    Loves Her i soo can’t wait


  2. the truth

    I can’t wait


  3. CiaraMedlies

    she may be able to sing and is pretty no doubt but lets be honest, theres no room in the game for her, Shes gonna FLOP, but i like her though


  4. buddyreal

    @ CiaraMedlies, find yourself a good dark quiet room, pick a corner and have yourself a seat n re-think where posting comments like that will have you n a few years..seriously..smh


  5. migi

    @CiaraMedlies : i respect her though lol , i think what your saying is kinda true . sometimes i wonder how does she feel because if she wasn’t dropped with her other label then she could have been what rihanna is now . she has a beautiful voice & she is sexy but shes just not doing anything ….


  6. Emancipation

    Yet you stan for a talentlelss t-girl, CIARA.
    Teairra Mari has more talent in her pinky finger than Ce-ERROR for dang sure. Teairra is a underdog and shes grindin’. She’s doing her thang, so hate on, hater.


  7. Mhmmmm

    I have to say what happened to TeaTea was unfair. Roc-a-Fella didnt give her album a chance, which went GOLD and CRACKED the top 5 on the Billboard 200 and #2 RnB Albums even with limited promo and only 2 singles. Make Her Feel Good was a TOP 40 MAINSTREAM HIT, and a Top 10 Hit on the RnB/Hip Hop Charts. If they promoted her some more and gave a few more singles she coulda been big….


  8. WhatTheF

    @CiaraMedlies are you talking about C-Error?


  9. Swtnythng

    @WhatTheF STFU and go buy rifund’s concert tickets


  10. Rawr

    I just looked at the album cover and noticed that the eye on the right looks funny XD


  11. CiaraMedlies

    whoa whoa whoa 1st of all I wasn’t “hating” I gaved her props for being talented and pretty but the TRUTH is that CIARA KERI RHIFUND and BEYONCE has the game tight and I can’t see anyone else entering…if u can’t understand what I’m saying than have a seat and go read a newspaper….and to that RhiFUND stan who keeps replying how is Rhi’s $10 tour going? #STAYMAD


  12. drtash

    lmao. yall are funny.


  13. harvey

    TeaTea not aflop, cant wait for Cassie and her album.


  14. Sly B.

    She doing her thing, so let her do it, half of yall haters can even afford one song, so fall back.


  15. Chrisss

    Love Her #TeamTeairra


  16. Dave

    DEAD @ Ciara being untalented. Both of these woman are talented, y’all don’t need to argue. Ciara is a singer, dancer, model, co-producer, writer, performer, business owner, & etc. Just because Ciara isn’t a powerhouse vocalist doesn’t make her untalented. People use that & run with the wind. Lame! Imma get Teairra EP, she’s growing on me


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