Nicki Minaj Dreams Up Supergroup

Nicki Minaj

If Nicki Minaj ever decided to form an all-female supergroup, you can bet there would be a line around the block for tickets. The Young Money rapper shared her zany picks for the leading ladies that would make up her fictional group.

During a live chat with Billboard, she revealed that Hermione, the female character from Harry Potter, would be the first recruit. “You know in Boyz II Men, how there was that one dude that never sang, but just talked?” she asked. “Hermione would do the talking stuff because she has the [British] accent.”

Next up, Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie and reality star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi would make the band. “She would be like one of the backup dancers,” Minaj said of the “Jersey Shore” cast member.

The all-star lineup rounds out with two veteran Grammy winners. “We would have to have Lauryn Hill, like have to, and we would have to have Cyndi Lauper ’cause she’s funny, she’s crazy,” explained the “Your Love” hitmaker. “[Cyndi] reminds me of myself and I love her voice. I would produce her in the studio and be like, ‘Cyndi, give it to me like this, I want that feeling, I want that stuff.’”

Minaj tried to think of a seventh member, considering Wendy Williams, Whitney Houston, and Beyoncé as possibilities, but had reservations about the latter. “You can’t put Beyoncé in it ’cause it’s not gonna be fair.”

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  1. sarah

    Well duh Because Beyonce >>>>>>>>> #Thatisall.

    Queen Beyonce forever! :)


  2. Jaye

    co-sign sarah!! the real Queen B is Beyonce’ lol. I hear Nicki likes her music a certain way so I wouldn’t be surprised if she started producing in the near future.


  3. AAA

    Lol yo Nicki is wierd and I love it!!!!!!


  4. electrik

    agrees with sarah


  5. MIA

    Nicki is wack! Go take your meds h0e


  6. Dana

    I mean she’ Beyonce The Queen glad to hear Nicki knows it. I love it


  7. ...

    beyonce ain’t the queen of nothing but stealing songwriting credits and trying to appear whiter every album. please.


  8. Arkham

    When is Lil Kim going to smack some scense to this bitch!


  9. Don

    As soon as you learn how to spell “sense”.


  10. h

    Queen B >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> every other female performer


  11. M!ke

    You cant put Whitney Houston in a group! She is the the Queen she stands Alone


  12. TheTruthIsBack101

    Queen B was 96 its 2010 her reign is over Nicki is what matters right now Kim aint smackin shit


  13. Becca

    Lol – was that a Beyonce diss? I think she was trying to say that Beyonce stole all the spotlight in Destiny’s Child and she doesn’t want the same thing to happen again. She wasn’t trying to say that Beyonce is better than the rest.


  14. jason

    arkham kim will smack some sense into nicki when she can get a song in the top 20 of the hot 100 by herself and i highly doubt that will happen anytime soon so nicki will countine doing what she doing and kim will coutine being bitter and not making music and not being able to do a interview without talking bout nicki so sad like nicki sed ” you can do a interview and talk about me all the time but you will never heard me say your name” and nicki picks are cool


  15. sarah

    @TheTruthisBack101 shouldnt your name be TheLiesAreBack.
    Beyonce reign aint over until SHE says it’s over. Album cam eout in 08 and sitll getting nominations. You’ll be the one fainting at her next world tour. #Thatisall


  16. lies

    lol i hate this hoe. But i’m glad she knows putting Beyonce in her lil fake group is unfair because beyonce destroys! lol haha and takes no prisoners on stage


  17. Taybee(Ranoey)

    god you people are really hating on a JOKE she made? jesus… she did not say no beyonce because of destiny’s child.. simply because shes a beast. period. jesus christ… why the hell do you comment on this if you do not like her… obviously she was in a simple interview and they were asking silly questions… >_>


  18. truth718

    yes yes yes its official music as we know it has died due to a hail of corny artists, lame headlines, mockery swag, and lack of todays news music is no longer about dancing and having fun..but all about dollar signs!!! yes yes yes believe or not but we will continue to hear about this lame un coorninated dr. suess artists until we are forced to listen to there music, forced to read the headlines, and forced into believe that this on screen character is really real..shocking enough the sheep to the gimmick artists are steadily growing and ignoring the recent earthquarkes, ignoring the current state of the economy and ignoring the fact that 2010 has been te hotest summer recorded in world history!!


  19. Lisa

    I see the shade Nicki gave Beyonce. It would be unfair, because Beyonce would get her controlling father to manage the group and would be stealing songwriting credits to look greater than she is. Beyonce ain’t nothin’ but a Diana Ross, Beyonce can’t compete.


  20. ROB

    Nicki respects Beyonce on so many different levels. She even talked about how thrilled she was to meet Beyonce and Jay at Robin Thicke’s Release Party. I hope the female artist feauture she was mentioning in this interview will be Beyonce, that would be insane.


  21. lexie

    i love nicki minaj 07 and i still love nicki minaj now. shes a breath of fresh air<3! #teamminaj…LEHGOO!:P


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