On the Scene: M.I.A., Kelis, Ameriie, JoJo, Bruno Mars, Travie McCoy


M.I.A. invaded Day 3 of the Big Chill Festival at Eastnor Castle Deer Park in Ledbury, England, on Saturday (Aug. 7). The music rebel, wearing goggles and a catsuit printed with her album artwork, invited concertgoers to join her onstage for “Paper Planes,” but had to cut her set short when hundreds rushed the stage during her headline appearance.


Dance diva Kelis, rocking a Cleopatra-inspired look with a gold beaded dress, performed tunes from her Flesh Tone album at the U.K.’s Big Chill Festival.

Ameriie and Lenny Nicholson

Ameriie and fiancé Lenny Nicholson spent their Saturday night partying at PURE nightclub at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas where she performed.


JoJo put her best foot forward at Penelope and Coco’s Classic Boot Collection and 2011 Spring Preview at Hold Up Art Gallery in Los Angeles. The 19-year-old singer’s mixtape is scheduled for release this month.

Bruno Mars and Travie McCoy

Bruno Mars and his “Billionaire” collaborator Travie McCoy scored some swag backstage at the Teen Choice Awards 2010 gift retreat at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City.

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  1. ItsOscarYO

    Kelis is the queen.


  2. Dave

    Ameriie is gorgeous, her & Len look so good & happy together. Kelis I like her, she’s always been the one to be all over the place (creatively, a good thing). Jojo looks pretty, she kinda giving me that lady off the Adam’s family though, Morticia? Bruno Mars & Travie McCoy looking extra cute :D


  3. Sho-nuff

    Love me some Travie McCoy!


  4. cisko

    MIA looks she poppin out the lcd screen. cool.


  5. Jordyn

    Ameriie looks so beautiful. I love how happy her and Len look. I can’t wait for Cymatika Spring 2011 I hear is release date!


  6. az-ddin ChàknàT

    Travis Yôù The Man (@_@)xD_ _______:)


  7. yes!

    LOL @ Kelis being a QUEEN…of FLOPS!


  8. WhatTheF

    @yes! I love Floplis, but you’re right. Fat Joe is now crowned the King of Flops though.

    JoJo is not rockin dat big ass forehead. Queen Rihanna needs to give her some tips!


  9. Juan Miguel

    Let’s see if that mixtape really comes out this month.


  10. Rich

    M.I.A. is trash and a failure vying for relevance. However, each of her partner acts on this gig are bright and very interesting acts. I wish them more of the best. This Travie MCCoy really has my interest. Have not heard Kelis yet.


  11. LaMont

    I would love to see a video of Ameriie’s performance!


  12. Gumaro

    LOVE JOJO! She is the best, she slays all! Nobody has vocals like JoJo. That is all.


  13. Glenn

    love kelis she is FUEGO!!!!


  14. Jordyn


    omg me too! We never get a chance to see anything from her live! I wanna see her perform Who’s Gonna Love You! I’m lost as to when are they gonna shot the music video for it?


  15. Shamn

    Yay finally some new pics of Ameriie! I love this woman with all my heart. She always looks young and sexy! 2011 will be a big year for her &I can’t wait. Ameriie so deserves all the success in the world because she has always kept good spirit when at the low of her career and I love her more because of it. She isn’t gonna stop because of 1 low selling album stop her! Bring on Cymatika Vol. 1 baby. You’ve been warned. Ameriie is coming, get ready!


  16. CABULO



  17. Ali

    M.I.A. is so rock’n’roll. Wish her all the best!


  18. Ellena

    Kelis + Ameriie = AWESOME!!!


  19. GeeGee

    Lol? Fat Joe the King of Flops? More like.. The King of Flabs.


  20. sammi

    love bruno mars hes great!


  21. sammi

    bruno is amazing and has the best voice ive ever heard


  22. Xclusive

    everyone is a mess except Bruno/Travie wavie :-) and Amerie…hope she can finally create a hit..when was the last time 1968?


  23. Wesley

    HER last hit was in 2007 you dumb idiot, don’t talk shit if you aint know her or anything about her


  24. gwen

    amerie is half korean what is she thinkin getting with a black guy? her kids wont look mixed at all. mia is weird n cool at the same time. kelis should be glad getting this gig since she only got 7k wow! :p


  25. IKIE

    I’am LIKE THIS MUSIC BILLIONAIRE AND Just The Way You Are ???? :D


  26. inci

    bruno marss ♥


  27. tv a led

    tv a led…

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