Snoop Dogg Opens Up About Daughter’s Battle with Lupus

Snoop Dogg, along with his wife Shanté and 11-year-old daughter Cori, visited “The View” last week, and opened up about his daughter’s battle with lupus and how it’s affected his family.

“People look to me for their savior at times,” the father of three told the ladies. “I’ve done a lot with Make-A-Wish [Foundation] and I’ve saved a lot of kids and been a part of their lives, and now to have this happen to me, it was like, ‘What could I wish for other than to find a cure to help my daughter?’ No money could fix it, no nothing could fix it. It was just a matter of us loving what we have.”

The diagnosis brought the family closer together and even saved his marriage from the brink of divorce.

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  1. True Blue

    To all the a$$holes who were laughing at Gaga when she announced she was borderline positive for it and saying you wish she would die from it… watch this.

    It can affect anyone. Hoping for anyone to die of any disease is beyond cruel and heartless. Anyone who says otherwise was probably raised in a barn.


  2. JD

    Boss Dogg!


  3. latonya wilson

    well i just want to say my sister have it to and i now what she is going throw and it is hard to deal with but we do ..


  4. Debi Krasovich

    If you Facebook Emma Krasovich you will see a beautiful 17 year old with SLE lupus trying to remain a competitive cross country runner during her last year of high school. The illness has left scars on her legs and arms,thinned her hair in areas we can not hide and use brown eye shadow to make less obvious, her heartbeats to fast at times, so she pulled from a race, she gets dizzy spells, headaches, stomach aches regardless of her diet. She took all the hard classes and wants to go away to college and it scars me to not be there for her and yet I do not want to kill her dreams. Last month her muscles hurt and she had no staminia she could hardly run and then she went off all the lupus meds so she could run her last few races as a competitor. I would love Emma to meet other young adults with SLE Lupus.


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