New Music: Gucci Mane f/ Swizz Beatz – ‘Gucci Time’

Gucci Time

Do you know what time it is? It’s “Gucci Time”! Radric Davis rattles through the speakers with the Swizz Beatz-produced first single from his new album The Appeal: Georgia’s Most Wanted, due September 28.

The Southern MC, who recently finished serving six months in jail for a parole violation, is grateful for another opportunity. “My new CD is titled The Appeal and it’s actually the sequel to The State vs. Radric Davis, my last album,” Gucci tells Yahoo! Music. “It’s just about second chances, about never giving up.”

Download: Gucci Mane f/ Swizz Beatz – “Gucci Time”

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  1. Kimmy

    Buurrr! I LIKE IT!!


  2. Ash

    ITS GUCCI TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. LinezOfBlow

    Yes we reported this a few weeks ago. Love this song!!!!


  4. ugh

    the beat samples a justice song. i think producers need to step their game up and stop sampling so many songs. be creative and make something original


  5. J McG

    @ ugh: yeah i noticed the Justice sample too! its not the first time Swizz samples them either, but I guess it sounds pretty good, so fair enough.


  6. MoreThanATool

    Gucci’s retarded. So are you if you bump his noise.


  7. Murphy

    It`s Greaat !! gucci timee yeaa !


  8. listen

    this record isn’t going to be bigger than “Wasted” or “Spotlight”. that’s for sure…


  9. Kardo_Mr._Koolness

    yall kind overating it a little. Its aight but its not Gucci’s sound. He was way more creative on his last album, He needs to stick to that creativity. Right now, its all about that Waka lls.


  10. Skinni P

    BuuRRrrrr Gucci Gucci fuck tha hataz BrCK SqUad suckaz tha kid Skinni Ga representa BuRke CouNty


  11. Skinni P



  12. Skinni P

    Ga BurkE CountY representa South Music CHea!!! Gucci Gucci STop haTIN


  13. Gucci Handtaschen

    Gucci Handtaschen ist eine meiner Lieblings-Marke Taschen und <Gucci Gürtel


  14. guccccci time

    its gucci ttttttimme


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