New Music: Twista f/ Chris Brown – ‘Make a Movie’

Twista and Chris Brown

Twista casts Chris Brown on a new record from his upcoming album The Perfect Storm. The Chi-town MC spits his rapid flow while Chris croons over the seductive track about making an X-rated home video. Let’s just hope the footage never leaks.

Sidebar: Chamillionaire recently released a similar-themed song called “Make a Movie” featuring Twista and Lloyd.

Download: Twista f/ Chris Brown – “Make a Movie”

Audio via YouHeardThatNew

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  1. Ellena

    It’s amazing how everything that Flop Brown touches turns into a F~L~O~P !


  2. CRACK

    Chris brown is good


  3. sachfan

    has it flopped yet? I didnt realize. wow haters NEVER prosper.


  4. llena

    like the song, hate chris brown


  5. check it out!



  6. sierra

    Where’s trey songz when u need him smh


  7. Justine

    damn i DISLIKE Chris Browns haters but i guess every1s entitled to an opinion even if its negative and bitter :(… neway i luv Chris and im glad things r starting 2 look gd 4 him… as i always say a victory is sweeter when it takes longer 2 achieve



    Ellena whos flop brown? lol… it cant be Chris Brown ur talkin about… Chris Brown hasnt flopped b/c his music is still as good it was a few years ago pple just refuse 2 support him b/c of wat happened with the Rihanna incident… so therefore he hasnt flopped its just hes lost a few pple that arent willing to buy/download his music makin it harder for his career… its not like the music hes puttin out is absolutely wack and no ones buying it b/c they’ve lost interest… its just b/c of the incident that happened almost 2 years ago… all i have 2 say is GET THE HELL OVA IT!!! im not saying u have 2 4give him but if u dont dont type his name in on google displaying ur negativity 2 his fans… if u dont care as muuch as u claim not to y do u even bother or waste ur time???


  9. ColgateSmile

    wowwww I really like this song, on replay, Chris sounds soo good!

    “baby we dont need no script for this…”


  10. ColgateSmile

    lol…i meant the song is on “repeat”

    “baby we dont need no ac-tresses, lemme see what i’m working with, i’mma break ya back wit this, let me pull my camera out lets make a movie yeah, starring you and me yeah”

    loveeeee! I hope it can do well =)


  11. honeybun

    like it..its so funny how people are quick to judge. he made a mistake move on..rihanna did


  12. steez

    FIRE!!! stop hatin


  13. animated poreotic

    Trey Songz voice isn’t made for this no way. Chris is voice is made for a loud soft melody. The only time Trey is soft is when it’s a low melody.


  14. Toolondeck

    C.Breezy or eat out that hatin ass bitch called Ellena with blue waffles :D


  15. miamigirl

    great song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  16. someone

    Funny how the only vocabulary words you haters seem to know is “flop”. Either you all can’t spell, or are just plain, dumb as fuck! I guess that explains why it’s always a hater that is the first to comment, you all sit at home all damn day with nothing to do, you hate Chris because you all are bored. And if alot of you haters are such fans of Trey Songs, why are you people always on Chris’s site stalking him? You haters are just useless human beings that take up space and alot of time. Anyways, like the song.


  17. llena

    just so ppl dont get me confused, me and ELLENA r two different ppl…i never called him a flop


  18. dollars$$$

    The only thing you haters seem to spit out is shit, instead of hating on CB so much, take a damn breath mint! You all’s mouths smell like your comments, like shit!


  19. ...

    No, you just said you hated him. Two different people, but hating just the same.


  20. nyamal

    ilove chris brown very much, chris brown is so cool is great i love very thing about chris brown



    Damn yall some vultures, give dude a break, dat nigga makes good music… Shit stop judging shit you kno nothing about!!! bTW, this song is hot!!!


  22. youamuseme

    It’s the same insolent, dry head fucks who will be standing in line on a Tuesday morning to buy his album or waiting on itunes to download his shit. Don’t you realize that the more you preach about how much you dislike him helps him. I will not touch the subject of Trey Songz because that comment deserved the same look Prince gave him when he broke out with Purple Rain at the BET awards. I like Trey, but Chris Brown was on the song, so deal with it


  23. arie

    Agree with @ someone, MELAKHI, and youamuseme. I like the song, and I wish these haters would stop comparing Chris to Trey, they are two different artists doing their own thing. You can always tell the people that live negative lives, nothing but negativity comes out of their mouths.


  24. tyshanta

    chris brown i love ur new mixtape its dope. also chris i no some people are stil mad at u but it only shows that you are human nd that u make mistakes two i still love u idc what anybody says i guess what im trying to say is “team brezzy” all tha way <3


  25. bri (:

    I LOOOOOVE this song…Especially CB’s Part <3 His voice is hellllllla sexy <3


  26. baby doll

    omg chris brown i love this song i love all your songs but this one is hot


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