Lil’ Kim Shows Off Her O-Face

Lil' Kim

OMG! Lil’ Kim gets dolled up in her juicy new ad for “Purple” by Three Olives Vodka. The liquor brand tapped the rap diva to bring some flavor to their “What’s Your O-Face?” national campaign and in-store merchandising. The grape-flavored vodka is described as “fun, sassy, and sexy as the Queen Bee herself.”

“Since I’m Queen Bee and purple is the color of royalty,” says Lil’ Kim, “I’m thrilled Three Olives has asked me to bring my flavor to the sexy ‘O-Face’ campaign for their new Purple vodka!”

Check out some behind-the-scenes pics from the shoot here.

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  1. TaylorSwift

    like is you serious? how much photoshop can be done to clean up her face


  2. lillt



  3. Dough

    Kind of reminds of
    beyonce w/ alot of plastic surgery..


  4. beyonce's boo

    yesss werk bish


  5. futeristicswag

    Love It!!!!!!! Yeah kim look’s damn good in these shot’s (photoshopped) or not Haters LOL.

    You Dikey Garbage stans need to get lost. Oopps! My bad, You must’ve thought this was Nicki since this is the same bitch she’s imitating LMFAOOO!!


  6. ugh

    im not getting “o face”, im getting “uhhhh” like Master P says.


  7. lillt

    Im not a Nicki stan. but I think Kim looks like Sh*t.


  8. Red

    Please -lillt upload a pic and lets us see how your a$s looks. Sit your broke hating __ down


  9. Red

    Love You Lil Kim… Hater: Stay Mad – Queen of Hip Hop!


  10. Shaytan

    Glad 2 See Her Out Doing Her Thing.. She started this whole endorsement thing. She was Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Old Navy, Dontella Versace muse before Hip Hop was considered fashionable. She brought high end fashion into Hip Hop!


  11. lillt

    @ Red.
    Im never broke or Hating.
    Kim is ugly and it shows. Her face looks like something you would see at a Circus Freak Show


  12. J

    y did they retouch it so much??? might as well have drawn a picture


  13. Shawn

    @ J & lillt – Its called Advertisement & Marketing. When have an ad been released for anything and it isnt retouched. Sit your dumb __ down. Top Models get retouched and retouched heavy. Do you think Giseal look that beautiful in person. Madonna, Janet Jackson,M.Carey, Beyonce & several others all get retouched. Sit Down

    Everything that goes to print gets retouched. Movies get retouched. Take your __ to school and learn something


  14. d.A.N

    everyfucking artist doing that photoshop so plz haters let her do her things, THIS IS THE QUEEN OF HIPHOP,respect………….yes she did plastic surgery yes she fuckup her face,but she till that mudafuking queen bee………one of the biggest HIPHOP ICON, so u can hate her we will be there for her till the end of the time


  15. realnigga

    duh all ads/magazine pics or airbrushed…. get off kim dick …


  16. d.A.N

    how long she did that sergery now? 4,5years and u still on it like its was world premier news? everyartist do photoshop why not her, THIS IS THE QUEEN OF HIPHOP RESPECT, WITHOUT HER THEY WILL NOT SHINING TODAY, and trust me when its come to music there is no better female mc than kim,she aint got nothing to prove anymore, so ma do ur things and we still luv ur haters…………..queen bee for life


  17. WhatTheF

    LMAO! I love Queen Bee, but she needs to close her mouth before Bugs and Nicki Micopycat’s pebbles fly in it!


  18. TeamPinkFriday

    Shes so fuckin ugly.


  19. WOW

    Unless yall have been hiding under a rock, EVERY ad gets retouched and photoshopped. Your fav included.


  20. Imani

    @WOW who else has been rettouched so much to where…..”it’s not a [AD] it’s a Painting!!!!!!” like really it look like a 3d modelyes artist get retouched but really LOOK AT IT!!!!! that’s really not a good look


  21. A Realist

    Leave it to the idiots to bring up Nicki’s name in an article about Lil Kim and a campaign for liquor. Feeling threatened?


  22. A Realist #2

    leave it to idiots to bring up Lil Kim’s name in a article about nicki minaj and VMA promo.(which kim has never done) feeling threatened?


  23. futeristicswag

    @Realist #2 & A Realist Etc.

    FYI, the next time you post the most responses on Nicki Garbage, Make sure you remember to change up your ”screen name” so we find out it is actually you doing so ROTFLLMFAOO!!

    how threated can anyone be when you are the one who’s glued to a ”Lil’ kim” post while mentioning Nicki presence? Jealous are we???
    You’re right, Kim has never had to ”work” for Mtv during a promo event LOL, She always showed up and won. remember her winning those Vma’s for Lady Marmalade & All about the benjimens?? Can we say the same for Nicki? NOPE!! LMFAOO!!


  24. truth718

    @ futeristicswag ..well said !! lol gotta agree


  25. Stuyridah

    Who got ya”ll rocking the prada, the gucci, dior, chanel, versace, and louie please, im the reason this rap game is unisex, im the reason bitches want bigger breast show some respect where respect is due cause without who? without me there would be no you!!!!! #TeamLILKIM



    To all of this VMA nicki bullshit. Lil kim ran the vmas and did do promos with David La Chapelle along side big names. the vma’s r a joke nowadays let see if anyone grabs nicki’s tit


  27. ponyo

    stop hating on kim…. kim has never hated on anyone unless someone said something about her and then she attacks…we all know that she played with her face .ok but she still making money #teamlilkim #queenbee4ever


  28. .

    Love Kim!


  29. Jarvis

    now take away the weave, the lashes, the color contacts, the makeup….what do you have?
    not my kind of girl….

    still love her music though


  30. bijan

    Hahaha she has too much botox to do an o face


  31. Quinn Zolonski

    yes Little Krim , you keep modeling your melted barbie face for this vodka while Nicki Minaj continues to SNATCH your crown as Queen . YOU MAD ??? STAY MAD !!!


  32. harvey.c

    She looks real good,but she needa make a comeback before nicki try to still her shine.I mean you in the back in the lil kim rocked the colored wigs.How nicki gonna copie her.


  33. This Aint It

    If she looks that bad with make-up imagine how she looks without it. Ouch


  34. mark

    she looks good….. “get off my dick” -lil kim


  35. chi city



  36. lala

    I’m a huge Nicki Stan .. & I think Kim is a very beautiful woman sometimes .. & she is a great rapper but whoever did this picture is oh so bogus becus she looks like somebody scared her! But Lil Kim keep doing you … I don’t support you but I love some of your music! Get off the beefing shit stay away from the surgery table and get in the studio if your so QUEEN B. & Royalty and since your fans say this generation doesn’t know real Hip Hop then show us!! *waits* ………………………. *still waits* ……………………… 11.23.10 ! :)


  37. Realreppin

    I c the forum haters made their rounds

    Kim is a the best thing to ever happen to Hiphop she is the reason hoes get endorsments, show some respect where respect is due, and yes Kim promo for the Vma’s were done nicely do ur research haters, evrything homegurl did has already been done by Kim!!


  38. manuela

    “If every time I close my eyes, won a kiss from you, close his eyes forever.”


  39. manuela

    was cool.!justin


  40. Kenisha

    mann kim was beautiful b4, now shes…..owell still love her :D


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