Video: Diddy Talks Lil’ Kim vs. Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross and B.I.G. Comparisons

Diddy, along with Dirty Money’s Dawn and Kalenna, dropped by Tim Westwood’s BBC Radio 1Xtra studio in London in June to promote his oft-delayed album Last Train to Paris.

In the video, which just surfaced, Puff reminisces about the old Bad Boy days before rappers were sippin’ syrup, visiting Lil Wayne in jail, his fear of blogs, Rick Ross and Biggie comparisons, Lil’ Kim vs. Nicki Minaj, and not being invited to Russell Brand’s wedding. Plus, is there any truth to the rumors of him having a threesome with Nicki and Cassie?

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  1. Shawn

    Funny – Dawn & the other girl who name I never heard.. Dirty Money is a Joke! Sean is a Joke, Dirty Money is a Joke..

    How many artist has Sean picked up and then left… I cant even count! Nicki Ross & All Others Watch Out!

    Puff maybe because you dont write you cant read between the lines. Nicki had dissed Kim Foxy & several others.


  2. d.A.N

    inspiraration? she copy kim,lol plz anyway……..BIG UP TO THE QUEEN BEE, yeah diddy u doing the both girls we knowwww


  3. kim

    i agree with diddy besides the colrful wigs kim wore like 3 times i dont really see the comparsons nicki sure as hell aint as hardcore or sex talked or hood as lil kim nicki is animated fun and is way more kid friendly and i ve seen interview where nicki sed quoating her ” to me kim is still the best to do it nobody has ever had a bigger movement then her ” then i seen her say she did the hardcore pose on her mixtape cover to pay homage to kim then she has a song called : who’s your best mc ” and the last line is ” who’s your best mc’s NICK , FOX, AND KIM” like if thats not homage i dont no what kim want …plus nicki says all the time she gt love for all the female rappers she say she like any woman trying to make so money on there own being independent not needing a man and i dont understand how nicki brags on herself saying she the best and ppl act like its a problem and she trying to diss everybody but i want you to name one rapper who aint called themselves the best you suppose to think you the best if you think you the best you will become the best POSTIVE THINKING PPL


  4. Ellena

    poor Flop Daddy he’s just delusional…..


  5. WhatTheF

    You noticed that he didn’t deny dating Cassie! That’s because he’s bangin dat loose Vajayjay!

    Estelle, I mean… Kaleena kinda annoys me. I don’t like the way she talks.


  6. futeristicswag

    @ Kim LOL @ Your delusions.

    Kim wore colorful wigs like three times??? How old are you again?? Kim has rocked those wigs since 1995. she is WORLD knowed for inventing that Barbie/Hood/Hardcore/Sexual shit for female hip hop, So stop playing yourself. Kim has never jumped on Nicki for her obvious swagger jacked image, it was those subliminals raps and her disrespect she & Cash Money showed kim on Baby’s joint aswell as Justin sweet 16 party which she mentions in an interview. Kim just ain’t wit the BS like you and those puppets who stan for that bitch.

    Damn, You Dikey Garbage stans are a mess. Nicki is a pure gimmick period! nothing more. #TeamKim All Fucking Day!!


  7. d.A.N

    kim problem was that nikki thing did copy her style,we all saw that with the colorfull things, the image that what she trying to copy and image u do ur things,build ur career and then 10years after someone just came and copying and trying to do things like u did,of course u not gonna like it, its illegal like copying cd,movies try to sell them,so she stand up and say stop thats it, hope they will stop soon but they will not work together they trying to fuck kim with that record and she didnt appreciate that, i will be mad too,take my voice and make a fake featuring lol


  8. d.A.N



  9. Melanie

    Ugh, Puff is dang old to be doing these things. I agree he will use them up then toss them out. I know I may start some haters but Dawn gets on my last nerve. I love how when DK was crumbling people were saying Aubrey is sleeping with Puff, but look what chick is left. Dawn knew that and has to be doing some thing on the side with Puff. They make ok music, but I just don’t like them as persons that I could never support them.


  10. a

    Did the girls get to talk? I had to cut puff short and stop the video.


  11. WOW

    Puff, worry about social security not your failed album. They have performed on the BET Awards, the teen choice awards, he was on 20/20, released 3 singles, and over the top video with fireworks, a remix with an overrated rapper and he’ll more than likely appear at the VMAs just to get more attention and STILL no album.


  12. a

    Ps I get Kim cause if nikki ran around w paw prints on her tits eve would be mad, if nikki ran around with poodle hair foxy would be mad, if nikki yelled I’m the baddest bish all day trina would be mad.


  13. lean

    @a so since eve had bangs in the my chick bad remix video does that mean nicki should get mad since nicki is known for her bangs since in kim new song “pussy purr” she was sounding like a lil girl like nicki nicki shoud be mad still nicki always making baby voices in songs and ps kim is just acting like a lil girl cuz nicki had hair like foxy until 09 and foxy didnt have a problem with it kim is mad over pity shit like a wig but i dont see her getting mad at katy perry or gaga or m.i.a for wearing coloful hair…thats how i know she fake i aint rite for her to beef with nicki over tking a colorful wigs she once wore but not get mad at the plenty other people who have done it


  14. ...

    @lean: girl, punctuate yo’self because what you just wrote was a mess.


  15. TruMaine

    im sorry ya im a 80′s baby and yes nicki is hott to deff yes kim is are mc orginal barbie, hood, commerical all of it.. what a lot of you dont understand is nicki’s the new bitch in the game her lyrics are new her style is new her face is new… new is DIFFERENT for the industry meaning when you have a bad bitch like nicki come out with everything new like i just stated with a hint of old flavor from someone whos still in the game.. that has and will not sit down your create a problem.. you can pay hamage after you feature someones voice that holds up as the hottest rap bitch in the game for almost more then a decade.. if you really wanted to pay hamage you drop a couple songz wit kim or you would of went to see her while she was locked up since you know she was out before what 06 or 07 bttm line kim is mad and she has some right because one ya ace went to go see a homie in jail (lil wayne ) and two he didt come see her when she did a year in a day for not snitching on niggas.. motherfuckas gotta understand its deeper then rap…. if half ya was some hardcore fans of big and kim ya would take it as a total disrespect for diddy even comparing or trying to make ross and nicki something like big and kim come one them years cant be re wrote them years can be done again that music will always be hott that style will always rock… like some say nicki wrong some say kim actin like a child when it balls down to it diddy’s wrong because kim was first lady no other bitch.. i love nicki but when it comes down to it im rockin wit kim.. cause remember when eve came out she didt beef wit kim nor foxy when remy came out none of them beefed the only female beef in history that should and did go down in the rap game was foxy and kim and thats because both was from ny and they both were apart of two of the hottest labels in that decade so of course they was gon beef but this shit right here just needs ro be reconciled… and thrown out before remy come home and hook up wit kim and shut shit down lol jp but fareal understand ya its a platinum bitch verse a million dolla mixtape bitch.. still love both… ~TRUTH~


  16. jake

    Did anyone notice only puff & Dawn were wearing the gold pendents around their neck. Dosen’t look like Estelle..I mean Kaleena has been initiated…by Diddy’s co*k! Lmao.


  17. jake

    Did anyone notice only puff & Dawn were wearing the gold pendents around there neck. Dosen’t look like Estelle..I mean Kaleena has been initiated…by Diddy’s co*k! Lmao.


  18. Jay

    I cant stand Cassie…what a way to go, you date the boss of your label…what does that say for your talent, or lack there of? She’s pathetic!


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