5 Powerful Celebrities T.I. Admires


T.I. stars alongside some of Hollywood’s leading men in his new action flick Takers. But who does the King of the South look up to in his personal life and career? EBONY magazine shares five power players in music, Hollywood, and business who Tip admires for their talent, hustle, and swag.

Jay-Z: He done the rap shit to the best it could be done. He’s done it better than anyone who’s ever done it.

Master P: He came from the same ghetto and bullshit that I came from and turned himself into a corporate conglomerate.

Russell Simmons: I look up to Russ, because … he started this shit and he still here.

Will Smith: He got it right. Will transitioned from rapping to acting and did it at a stellar level of performance.

Diddy: He’s fly as I am; just as conceited, pompous, and arrogant as me, but he managed to maintain a humble sense of self. Puff got enough sense to know—even though he feels like he’s more the shit than anybody else—when they got something going on that [he] ain’t got. He knows when to take pages out of other people’s books.

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  1. taj mahal

    I like the list.


  2. mike

    i agree with Will Smith, i admire him too, but the rest is blah to me


  3. eminem albin

    what about eminem


  4. shu

    Really.. what about Eminem? come on T.I those ppl are dope but where is Em?
    You should know better than that…


  5. twineep

    salute to the KING u choose the rite ppl


  6. poppa

    Why would eminem be on their? He has nothing to do with it… If t.i doesnt think hes one of them he doesnt its his opinion….. I swear T.I wants to be will smith at times though….



    Why would EM be mentioned. he hasnet done anything for music..I mean TIP sells records as well..and makes the same amount of money as EM..got #!’s and all that…..The peeps he listed. has done the music and TRANSFORMED it or themselves some kind of way..a nd all now worth over 120mill


  8. 20

    @ Marcus I agree…What about em? *sarcastic tone*

    He doesn’t have 11 albums.
    He didn’t pioneer the whole independent “selling cds out of a car” movement and making my own way, own label. Plus putting the South on the map.
    He didn’t take rap to another level w/ run dmc. Thus creating one of raps biggest label..Def Jam
    He didn’t win the first rap grammy and then became one of the most successful actors ever.
    And he didn’t produce classic albums like Ready to Die, Whats the 411, and etc. And basically creating a monopoly of the entire entertainment industry.


  9. WhatTheF

    What about Queen Rihanna?


  10. Dimp-Zone

    thats a nice list. all except for P..DIDDY!!!


  11. A Realist

    Will Smith is the shit!


  12. sean

    Very sensible guy. The list is insane…I love that list, no steroids just plain mafia list right there.


  13. Pinoy

    Diddy shouldn’t have been on that list.


  14. cici

    Hoo hoo diddy htaz are in the house…..


  15. taj mahal

    P. Diddy may be a little cocky but he did help create some of hip-hop’s best stars. @WhatTheF stop mentioning rihanna. rihanna is good but she didn’t pioneer anything.


  16. Nayland House

    Great list, can’t fault it really


  17. eminem albin

    hey marcus do you listen to music or you dont
    i think you dont
    eminem is the best #1 .
    t.i is like shoes for em!
    Kayne west said eminem is #1
    Em #1


  18. maxi lopez

    what fuk is wrong with some of ya bloggers you want everybody’s opinions to match just as ur fuck’d up retarded ones huh? wel not T.I cos thats how he feels and go lick the crap off Fat Joe’s ass if you thinks hes wrong.


  19. Diddy?

    Why did he have to put Diddy on the list. Yuck.


  20. albin eminem

    maxi lopez fuk you you suk fuk fat joe
    50 cent i bigger streonger than fukin fat joe diddy and fukin rick ross boss what fuk boss
    fat joe is just fat fukin he is fuk
    fuk all that dont like eminem D12 proof 50 cnet g-unit


  21. albin eminem



  22. albin eminem

    diddy of course that is big but he is not like eminem jay-z 50 cent snoop dogg 2pac bigge


  23. Fan Ov A Fan

    diddy??? seriously ???

    but thumbs up for jay z, will smith, russell simmons (:


  24. newii_babbii

    i love the list esp .. will simth .. i look up to will like alot ..and for Jay-z y they somee promiseing ppl rite there .. like the way he said diddy is concited just like him.. love it


  25. Lily=]

    i agree wit T.I.’s list…nuff said


  26. Luis

    Whats the name of the jacket ? I need it!!!


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