New Music: Cali Swag District – ‘Where You Are’

Cali Swag District

The guys who taught you how to Dougie, Cali Swag District, pull the ultimate coup by sampling the late Michael Jackson on their new single “Where You Are” from their forthcoming debut The Kickback (Oct. 12).

The Inglewood foursome took the necessary steps to clear a young MJ’s 1972 hit “I Wanna Be Where You Are,” reports TMZ.

Will the catchy reinterpretation take them beyond one-hit-wonder status?

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  1. cassie

    i love it!


  2. nikki

    I like it. This is one of my favorite MJ joints. I could really care less about Cali Swag District’s part but they didn’t do bad.


  3. yona

    I dig it!!! Love from Germany…


  4. dd

    luv it its a hit


  5. CiaraGotTheMoves

    this is cute, I like


  6. unknown

    imma buy dey album cause of this the mite be bring some real music like we had with nelly chingy in their early stuff


  7. Justin Timberlake

    Yo’ll should look out for this new cat called Phase!


  8. jamie



  9. Lana

    I LOVe the song! and I LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON! so glad they did this great song!!


  10. jhuntdaprodigy

    Their lyrics were actually pretty on point with this track! I was iffy the moment I saw that the “teach me how to dougie” group sampled the greatest artist of all time’s song, but they didn’t completely destroy it like I worried they would


  11. aprilflower1962

    i like it very much. it`s very special to me! Thanx guys. Beautiful. I L.O.V.E. you Michael!!


  12. KayDa

    I think it’s gonna be a BIG HIT!
    You can’t fail, working with THE KING ;D

    Glad they revived that old hit…


  13. Lynz'Ayy

    Ths Sonq iS FIREEE :) iLoveee itt<3


  14. millz

    this is real music, i like it


  15. yolanda dee

    luvin’ it!!


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