New Music: Dondria – ‘No More’


Dondria can’t take “No More.” The YouTube sensation sings away her boyfriend frustrations on a new jam from her debut album Dondria vs. Phatfffat (Aug. 17). The Jermaine Dupri production samples 50 Cent’s hit “21 Questions.”

Witness why stars like Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey are singing her praises when she comes to a city near you on Trey Songz and Monica’s “Passion, Pain & Pleasure Tour.”

Download: Dondria – “No More”

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  1. WhatTheF

    Poor child is gonna flop so hard… And What The F is a “Phatfffat?” Sounds like a ghetto ass nickname!


  2. chris32421

    Yess dondria is bringing old school rnb back….if she does a bit of a more modern sound on the next album she will deff be catapulted into stardom


  3. xedos

    this is garbage I said it already she should have gone to college Not everyone with a good voice will make it in music. she’s boring. whats her story? i could listen to any other RNB chick and hear the same thing. what new is she bringing to the table? Its easy to find a singer but its hard to find a star


  4. Rhino

    @WhattheF and @xedos

    Congratulations! You share the award for Haters of the Day! (your gallon of bleach should be in the mail soon)

    Seriously though, I love this like a fat kid loves cake.


  5. Troy

    @Rhino, those two bitches are probably just beyonkie fans and hate to see other young artist come in and take over. They don’t know that the 33 year old beyonce is on her way out and they can’t deal with.


  6. king

    fukin sexy ass rihanna is here and aint no body takin her crown but i hope that girl make it


  7. NIck Duh

    great song great album (aug17th) and she’s boring cause you dont understand her and her story is one in million !! GREAT JOB DONDRIA #TEAMDONDRIA


  8. WhatTheF

    I’m just stating facts. U MAD?



  9. #RealRapp !

    I Kow A Hater When I See One && WhatTheF && xedos Are Deff Haters ! The Girl Is And Has Always Been Doinq Her Thinq ;; This Cominq From Somebody That Has Been Watchinq Her Videos && Listeninq To Her Sonqs Since She First Started On Youtube ! And Also Is Goinq To See Her On The PPP Tour ! Get A Life And Stop Tryna DownGrade Artist That Are Going TO Be Better Than Beyonce One Day !


  10. T



  11. Love_Me09

    I love this album as well and I think the problem is marketing and I will admit her stage presence!! As much as I think she is beautiful as well as her voice.. she needs to work the stage/crowd more and get some better marketing for her music!! *hugs to Dondria though*


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