New Music: Rick Ross – ‘The Summa’s Mine’ (Young Jeezy Diss)

Rick Ross and Young Jeezy

Rick Ross goes at Young Jeezy, or someone from Cleveland, on a new track called “The Summa’s Mine.” While no direct references to Jeezy are made, it comes right after the Snowman released his supposed diss track “Death B4 Dishonor,” later saying it wasn’t a shot at his labelmate.

Rozay calls his opponent “pathetic,” “f**k boy,” and “water boy,” among other not-so-nice names. “Look what you made me do,” he tweeted.

Do you think Ross is dissing Jeezy? Listen and tell us below!

Download: Rick Ross – “The Summa’s Mine”

Audio via OnSMASH

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  2. Lil Holxa

    I like Ross but this wasn’t needed really dude


  3. musicfan

    they both suck so who cares…


  4. WhatTheF

    I’m so sick of these rap beefs SMH. They both need to sit!


  5. subbysmollz

    Rozay is one of d hottest dudes out dere now but this wasnt needed at all, esp after jeezy cleared it all


  6. Billiamaire

    F**k rick ross he’s just a fat bastard, he ain’t even hard like jeezy. & no shit it was a diss on jeezy cuz when he said water boy he was talkn’ bout tha snow man (jeezy) & i lookd rick ross(william Roberts) up tha otha day & wtf rick ross aint even his real name he’s jus steel’n some1 else’s street cred. & tht teflon don album title is fake ass shit to ur nota deala


  7. crip

    that is no time and place for beef now in this music business…that is just so…ughhhhh…damnn…pleace, rick pleace…


  8. yeah

    that rite crip!!!!


  9. mr

    rick ross you got lucky with 50 but jeezy is the real deal. you shouldnt have did this smh when are these rappers gonna figure out how wack beef is


  10. Chase

    okay i see where this is going. First Jeezy “disses” Ross. Then Ross “disses” Jeezy. Then they really go at each other. Then they die 6 months apart from each other. Then we wonder why all this happened in the first place….Kool Herc is rolling over in his grave….and he ain’t even dead!!!


  11. Stephonne

    I don’t think it’s really about Jeezy specifically. It’s about a lot of rappers. I just think it came out at a time where it only fuels the perception that there is a beef. Bad timing… Hopefully Jeezy won’t reply thinking it’s about him. The Blogverse can be a dangerous place, lol. Hmmm… We’ll see. On more important news: I still cant believe Beyonce said n*ggas on that new Kanye song! lol.


  12. cubevision

    rozay made a trak without callin names just like jeezy did. too many subliminals someone call a name and lets get this on and poppin.


  13. WESsWess

    ROSS IS WAK, HE SHOULDNT HAVE (TRIED) 2 dissed jeezy, jeezy just checking him for claimin “BMF” wich is sum real shit that jeezy know bout, its like sumone from florida talkin bout they from rollin 60′s n nipsey hit em up, so dnt hate on jeezy, out here you get smaked for claiming. i know yall fake g rappers luv the g’d up lyfestyle but if u aint affiliated dnt claim that shit… oh and fuck that triple c shit! fake as cartel wanna b shit! the real TC’s aint from florida and dont wear red, stop rydin other gangs dicks ricky ross… this aint beef just jeezy tryin to get ross to b real


  14. Fresh Prince

    U are easily fooled if you think both rappers aren’t behind this. they want to be on the blogs. jeezy could use the promo with his new album. look what the ross/50 beef did for ross’s career.


  15. Game

    Maybe this beef is fake, maybe not… But this is just music & entertainment, folks. Personally, i enjoyed every rap beef so far.
    P.S. I’m down with Jeezy on this one. He’s realest in the game. And in my Top 5 …


  16. JeezyWon

    U Done It Now Rick U Dead
    Jeezy Well Kill Him


  17. Jay-U

    Oh. My. God.


    mmkroggy Reply:

    apparently you do.





  19. sgio

    get the F out officer ricky you the worst rapper ever
    go young jeezy


  20. mr

    @hardashell that got to be the wackest shit i heard in a long time


  21. Iceberg

    F**k Jeezy. I dugg u bosssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


  22. kaybrat

    i think it was unnecessary… how can he say he’s who he’s idolizing….wasnt jeezy out B4 him? lol thought so…death b4 dishonor is harder than this…just a year or two ago 50 shut that a** down sooooooo yea hush!


  23. rell

    Whoaaaa that’s a slanderous and libelous statement. Rozay gave Curtis the business as far as the music went, and came out on top afterwards selling wise. Curtis fans even know that cause they was beggin him to stop the beef shit following the L he took. As far as this shit goes, its definately a ploy by def jam to gain some more attention around both projects, so I’m gonna sit back and enjoy. I’m a fan of both but I’m ridin with Rozay on this one. BO$S$S.


  24. An0thrDream

    Young Jeezy is way more talented and raw of a rapper. “Rozay” has got to go


  25. blaze1

    Fu@k ricky razay. jeezy is the streets and has always rep’d that way. this fake ass wannabe cartel kingpin drug lord boss rapper punk bitch. wow lots of things he AIN’T. except for the punk bitch part. he fits that one nicely. ross wouldn’t of been as bad if he would of just came out with his own thang from the beginning but this fool this fool right here nigga. doesn’t know when to stop. milli vanilli muthafu@ka


  26. At

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with hip hop beef as long as it is friendly competition and rappers are gonna go hard. But both rappers a lyrically weak. Waist of studio time.


  27. Mysterious

    Rick Ross is a god rapper,but not better than Jeezy. That a Fact!


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