Video: Jay-Z Performs at World Basketball Festival


Jay-Z took the stage for a 30-minute concert at Radio City Music Hall following Thursday’s World Basketball Festival. Hip-hop’s MVP, dressed in black, tried to tone down some of his lyrics for his younger fans, but still satisfied older fans with hits like “Can I Live” and “Dead Presidents.”

The newly married Swizz Beatz returned from his European honeymoon with Alicia Keys to rock out with Jay on “On to the Next One” and Bridget Kelly catered to the hometown crowd by joining her boss on the city’s anthem “Empire State of Mind.”

Video after the jump courtesy of Yardie.

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  1. 0ver

    Jay-Z undeniably a legend. I don’t understand why he gets so much hate? He’s smarter that your average “best rapper”….that’s why he is not ‘relapsing’ and ‘recovering’ from drugs, ‘incarcerated’ in jail, ‘divorced’ from his wife or even ‘dead’.


  2. theresa_keys

    lol…. i really agree with u …. he breaks out the streotypical examples of rapers with 5 chains on their neck… he is a legend


  3. CK

    A legend? u must be trippin,


  4. Brian

    CK u is a Hater!!!


  5. Alejandro

    Over I couldnt have said it better.

    @CK if Jay-Z isnt a legend then you obviously dont know the definition of the word.


  6. Redfoxxx

    Jigga man rules!! No one else even comes close!!


  7. Sly B.

    Great performance. He is a legend no doubt, haters need to fall back.


  8. LeviS

    if it wasn’t for that Illmatic album , he would be my favourite rapper. Legend!


  9. Dreincharacter

    @0ver @theresa_Keys

    Couldn’t agree more. Dude is on a completely different level. A true legend.

    @CK – We sorry you’re frustrated that Chingy isn’t coming out with a new album, but I’m sure all those Bubba Sparx albums will keep you entertained.


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