Jay-Z Tips Off with Jordan

Michael Jordan and Jay-Z

“I am the Mike Jordan of recording,” raps Jay-Z on “Show Me What You Got.” Hip-hop’s MVP showed love to basketball’s MVP, Michael Jordan, at the 2010 World Basketball Festival Tip-Off after-party at Avenue in Manhattan following Jay’s performance at Radio City Music Hall. DJ Cassidy and Rick Ross, in a velour cardigan, provided the evening’s entertainment.

Rick Ross, Jay-Z, and Fabolous Charles Oakley, Jay-Z, Michael Jordan, and Chris Paul

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  1. Dimp-Zone

    Wow! Jay -Z PArtied with the basketball king MJ! what an honor!

    I havent seen Michael jordan in ages. he kinda still looks the same..


  2. shady

    @rap-up.com Jay-z is not the mvp of hip hop!!! Right niow that title belongs to em.


  3. 0ver

    Eminem is more like the MVP of pop or at best pap(a knockoff of both the pop and rap genre)…


  4. Bob

    eminem is horrible…wayne is the best …#FreeWeezy is wayne wasnt in Jail em wouldnt be so popular


  5. @Keth_knowles

    Jay i luv U nd B ♥


  6. G.O.A.T

    #shady Jay is the MVP of Hip Hop!! Em is good too but Jay is the G.O.A.T.!


  7. Redfoxxx

    Jigga man rules!!! No one else even comes close.


  8. ..!

    ohhh shutup! who ever says wayne is best i wna kill you. none of them are the BEST! nor the G.O.A.T! not taking anything away from them they are all great like em jay z. but to say wayne is great ur jz a complete idiot. people got no idea of hip hop these days.


  9. ogolo wellington

    @redfoxx I’m with u.weezy the cheapest rapper that will make ur album sale,jay z old and usefull in rap cuz his doing it with hs age mate like drake,jeezy,officer,weezy,kanye and mayb tyga.he start’d making wave after nas beef so let’s say his bn relevant just for 7 to 8 yr.smbody dat betrayed his best friend just to accumulate money and marry B. Em is good but he shd learn how to dress.


  10. michelle mae tnaeo

    hi >>> i like it…… i wish i met you justin bieber……


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