Rihanna Parties After Madison Square Garden Show, Makes Kanye West Cry


Rihanna partied like a rock star following her first headlining concert at NYC’s Madison Square Garden on Thursday (Aug. 12). RiRi’s newest tattoo was on full display as she headed to the after-party at Greenhouse with celebs like Jadakiss and Carmelo Anthony. Her 15th tat inscribed on her neck reads “Rebelle Fleur,” which translates to Rebel Flower.

Kanye West was in the house at his labelmate’s “Last Girl on Earth” tour, later saying that he got emotional after watching her take the stage. Rihanna toured with West on his “Glow in the Dark” trek.

“So I went to Rihanna’s concert tonight and when I saw her do ‘I’m so hard, eh eh eh,’ I’m not gonna lie to ya’ll, I might of actually started crying—just to see my little sister onstage with her production and her outfit and her song and rocking Madison Square Garden at her own show sold out,” he told the crowd at his secret show. “It was a very emotional moment for me and I’m just so proud of her.”

Rihanna Rihanna Jadakiss and Carmelo Anthony

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  1. lisaL

    Kanye is full of sh*t. lol.
    she looks good, But that wig has to go.


  2. brian b...

    My goodnes she”s hottt!


  3. jeremydante

    rihanna has come a long way since ‘pon de replay’ – whats the purpose of the last image in this post though?


  4. Curtis

    She’s the hottest bitch in the world! Congratulations on Madison Square Garden, that’s a good look!


  5. Mr. WeSt

    @jeremydante, Jada and Carmelo were at her party. Did you not read the post??


  6. WhatTheF

    DEAD! At the last pic with Jada and Carmelo. Than was so random LOL.

    THAT RIHANNA REIGN JUST WONT LET UP! She got these celebs cryin out here! Tears of joy and jealousy!


  7. philly11

    Damn, she out here doing it Big!!! You gotta respect it!!


  8. cari s.

    I would probably start crying too if I had seen someone with the stage presence of a frightened squirrel.

    And I would probably start crying more if I had seen Ke$ha as someone’s opening act or if I had seen someone’s drastic tour ticket prices (approximately 10 dollars per ticket).

    Someone’s reign won’t just start up.


  9. morgan

    too bad she came out 45 minutes late. with no explaination. I thought that was kinda shitty. Kesha rocked it then we had an hour in between sets….Fail.


  10. Basketball



  11. BX!!!!!

    Her Tattoo is wrong!


  12. alfon

    her hair is like justin bieber hahaha lmao




    its good to see the haters didnt back down and came to raise riri’s fame up again…it shows u really care, but next time if ur gonna hate come with some facts…SHE SOLD OUT MADISON SQUARE GARDEN and there were NO 10 DOLLAR SEATS…that was ONE show idiot…SO KEEP THE HATIN AND JEALOUSLY COMIN CUZ LIKE SHE SAID IN HARD:



  14. philly11

    Shit I am not a Rihanna stan and I know it wasn’t no 10 dollar tickets for this show because I was trying to get some for someone’s birthday. I wish they were 10 dollars…lol


  15. VeeVee TaylOr

    I Have A Gift For Rihanna >> “French for dummies”


  16. mr

    i never understood why people can never be happy for another human being. It obviously is much easier to say something negative than say something positive, But c’mon being negative towards someone that you dont even know shows just how sad of a person you are. People shouldnt hate on any human being because it will consume your life and you will find yourself spending time taking any chance to throw shade at someone who is living a dream that few can imagine


  17. charles

    being french you must say fleur rebelle if u wanna say rebel flower……….. her tattoo is like saying claus santa basically…. lol


  18. UH OH

    Not hating on rihanna but her tattoo reads wrong. It should be fleur rebelle and not the other way around.


  19. Now I'm That B.i.t.c.h

    She a high school drop out. So I will let her slide with that dumb s.h.i.t on her neck.


  20. georgia peach =)



  21. harry

    @ Now I’m That B.i.t.c.h

    u know who else dropped out

    kurt cobain, slash, christina aguilera, tom petty and many more, so if ur gonna insult/hate on someone no that ur insulting legends


  22. Beyonce Stan

    I think Fantasia told her how to spell her tattoo!

    This girl live will make anyone cry. That voice is a true gift from Satan!


  23. Deeefabolous

    Rihanna is very sweethearts. I love her dress but not her hair! However, im french and no matter what she wanted to say ” rebel flower/rebellious flower” she’s definely WRONG! In french language the adjective comes in second place, just after the noun


  24. Deeefabolous

    If she wants to say that its her choice, her style no problem. But i read her comment about the tattoo. She said something like ” thats how we write it in french language” something about two nouns in the same sentence. Im sorry but she should change her translator, her french teatcher or watever she used . The adjective ( in 2nd place) defines the noun in first place. Just saying!!!!


  25. Deeefabolous



  26. Fan Ov A Fan

    I LOVE rihanna, im a fan of her… but im not liking the tattoo :/

    ( just my opinion, no arguments please )


  27. georgette

    @Beyonce Stan

    and Beyonce’s weave is a true gift of a chinese horse’s hair…NEEEEEEEEXT!!!


  28. Sly B.

    Wow, i know he has got to be kidding. . .


  29. cari s.

    @georgette And even with a weave made out of Chinese horse’s hair, Beyonce still owns “Rebelle Fleur’s” ass in every single way. Next!


  30. SuperSOP

    Lmao @ yall complaining about her tattoo .. she knows that its actually wrong but she wanted it to be like Rihanna Fenty = R.F = Rebelle Fleur !! now yall put that on your mind and admit that she slayed at madison Square Garden :)


  31. mohamud

    hi sexy girl u can’t see me but , i can see u and everytime i wake up i listen u song the song so hard u know am saying u are really really hard dats why i listen that song an i love the video u know am saying


  32. True Blue

    Enjoy your last year of relevance, homegirl.


  33. Bobby

    Wow love the tatoo


  34. lol umm..

    Rebel is not an adjective; it is a noun, or depending its use, a verb in some cases. Flower likewise is a noun. There is no reason to place flower before rebel as it is not its modifier. I wish people would learn concepts of English and a foreign language before they start criticizing what someone has on their own damn body.


  35. control gee

    this girl is so hot, i just think Chris has really had a great lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  36. says bye bye...

    she made it clear two nouns like she is rebel and she is flower… yeah she should separate that with a comma our something but it would be ugly so she put it all together… Do you get it now?
    and the madison square garden was sold out a long time ago (april to be clear), way before that shit of $10 tickets, that is not even truth because i tried to buy some tickets and wasn’t able to buy it, and if that happened was just for a show…
    Why you all always try to find something to put her down when she is on the top of the world, and it’s not going to be you that is gonna take her away from the top spot.


  37. liza

    Rihanna does things to please herself, not anybody, and that is how she wanted it, right or wrong. She is doing her own thing, who cares if you like it or not”. rebelle flower – Rihanna Fenty


  38. @CiaraMedlies

    @TrueBlue, lol, her relevance meter is running low, she betta call chris for another beating or two


  39. Baritone

    Kanye West cries over everything.


  40. Jay

    Out of all her tattoos I’m not feeling this one. Besides the grammatical error, I never thought it was flattering for any woman to have a tattoo on her neck, around my way thats very hoodrat. Sorry Ri Ri


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