Kanye West Catches Bieber Fever

Kanye West and Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is the Chosen One. Kanye West has decided to make the pop sensation the only person he follows on Twitter.

After following and then unfollowing a random British teenager on the social networking service, Kanye replaced him with one of today’s biggest pop stars, Justin Bieber. Not only did the choosy rapper follow the 16-year-old singer, he also praised his music.

“Your album good @Justinbieber Playing it at my crib now,” ’Ye tweeted. “I have listened to Runaway Love about 10 times so far … ironically I got a song called Runaway on my new album too.”

Bieber’s “Runaway Love” had Kanye up on his feet. “Yo this Runaway Love is the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on my 17th listen 2day!!! Every time I get to that song I got go in 4 times!!” he wrote. “OK OK OK… I just started dancing to this joint in my crib and clapping to it way to loud to be inside hahahah …”

A flattered Bieber saw his tweet and responded: “I’m 16 and a fan. I’m kinda hyped u are listening to my stuff. Thank u. Nice sunday morning.”

Kanye returned the love and proposed a collaboration. “An[d] I’m honored that you like my Music @JustinBieber!!! You gotta hear the album. Maybe we can do something together. Me, You and Raekwon,” he said, to which the Biebs replied, “Me, u, and the chef 2gether on a song = EPIC. haha. might sound crazy 2 u but even having this convo is living the dream. thanks.”

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  1. Shnookie

    interesting? i guess?


  2. UltraKid

    Damn, Kanye disappointed me with this…Beiber sucks…He’s a lame trend music that will surely fade away in a year but hey I’m not going to hate Kanye for liking something I don’t like so whatever as long as I don’t see a collab happening soon.



    i have been a fan since kanyes first song and this sounds lyk the most interseting thing that might be on his album since that bon iver and eminem (rumored) so this is making me even more excited and i am a fan of my nigga jb myself maybe if they work together it might be a gold digger type song idk or it migtht sound lyk rich girl by soulja boy who knows but i know that this album will be amazing the best yet first POWER then SEE ME NOW and maybe a JB song holy shit and also the MAMAS bf song with the billy joel sample THIS ALBUM IS GONNA BE SOME HOT SHIT but omfg #DARK TWISTED FANTASY BITCH


  4. Justin Bieber, Kanye West Tweet About Possible Collaboration – MTV.com | Justin Bieber

    [...] Rap-Up.com [...]


    if they do work on a song it will either sound lyk gold digger or rich girl by soulja so who knows but this is making me want to hear the album even more


  6. UltraKid

    this is disgusting…Justin Beiber sucks…He’s just a generic Teen Bopper that’ll fade away in like 2 years or less.


  7. Trey

    Lol, again all these grown *** people hating on a talented sixteen year old kid


  8. ...

    kanye’s ego showing again. if you follow one person on twitter, you are wack.


  9. UltraKid

    I’m one year older than Justin Beiber…it has nothing to do with age…his music is generic…listen to Prince, Madonna or Michael Jackson and then listen to Justib Beiber, Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus…Tell me which sounds better?…Alot of the Pop artists today are generic even Lady Gaga….People are bashing on real artists like Kanye and M.I.A. when they’re making good music. Estelle should be getting more radio plays, Lily Allen, Amy Whinehouse, Bloc Party, Amerie, Grizzly Bear, Janelle Monae, The-Dream and so on not some artist that’ll fade away as soon as he/she hits puberty


  10. Nick

    I am 16 so I can hate on Bieber lol. He sucks.

    And Kanye has been acting like such a sissy lately. Crying over Rihanna, kissing Nicki’s behind, and now Justin Bieber? WTH?


  11. Bleh.



  12. mr

    @trey i agree


  13. WOW

    I was about to say he’s lost his mind but he never had one.


  14. Joo

    What the heck is up with Kanye lately? He’s acting to weird. . . Justin Bieber? Really? So corny..


  15. Joo

    What the heck is up with Kanye lately? He’s acting to weird. . . Justin Bieber? Really? Yeezy be gettin’ cheesey…


  16. mr

    the guy just complimented justin beiber thats all and you guys are acting like its the end of the world…smh wow i mean im not a fan of justin beiber but that doesnt mean i hate him i mean you guys are pathetic and need to get a life for being so negative towards a 16 year old. I support kanye west all the way and his album will be great. i mean first yall attack kanye for being mean and then when he is nice to someone yall flip all of the haters should reflect on how bad your life really is that you have to hate on a kid. wow the summers heat really brings the haters out in full force


  17. Trey


    Well he is a sixteen year old producing music for teens. This is what you expect, not Amy Winehouse or M.I.A.


  18. WhatTheF

    GIRL BYE! SMH!!!!!!!!!!!


  19. KILLA

    @ ULTRAKID HEARD KELE OKEREKE’s NEW ALBUM DOPE sorry for all caps but foreal though Kele Okereke lead singer of Bloc Party’s solo is too dope


  20. bijan

    @Ultrakid good point, I agree w/ everything except for The-dream. got bored at him after 2nd album


  21. jhuntdaprodigy

    @Bleh What the hell, just chill out. It’s not like he’s going to make an album with Justin Bieber or anything. Let the man like what he like, god! He’s just 16, wut the hell do u want him to sing about?


  22. UltraKid

    Fiona Apple was 18 when she dropped her debut and her album is awesome…

    I haven’t listened to Kele’s solo album yet…I will though..thanks for the info.

    Well I can see why people would get bored of him but I can I also see why people can’t….I love his latest album.


  23. Phoenix_Wright

    bigs up to both of them. this JB song is nice, might check out the album


  24. FoeKist

    1st Niki now Bieber. Kanye is a real arse licker. Anyone that is famous will feel GayFishs’ tongue.
    How about giving shouts out to someone that is the “underdog”?


  25. K4Kenzo

    is kanye serious ? hyping bout justin ? .. see how he said a whole paragraph and lil justin juss says very lil . gosh . come on kanye !! that really deducted points mr . wackness ..


  26. SR

    noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!! kanya nooooooooo…


  27. SR

    noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!! K west nooooooooo…


  28. Fan Ov A Fan

    omg man :/
    whats with people liking Justin Bieber’s music its not that good! in fact its GARBAGE!
    i like kanye west, but if he likes someone i dont like then im ok with it… as long as they dont make music together!!


  29. UltraKid

    @Fan Ov A Fan,
    Co-sign, well as long Justin Beiber is not on the album I’m fine…Kanye has never worked with a bad artist so why start now???


  30. francheska

    ur so awesome justin bieber


  31. francheska

    i love justin bieber and his music


  32. honeybun

    there is no point in hating on a kid who is just doing his thing..if you dont like it don listen to it and keep it moving. smh people these days


  33. Didu

    This song is really good!
    Bieber to, Kanye to.
    Gooo! <3


  34. charlie smith

    y do so many people dislike JB the is allsome and him and kanye will make a kickass song together


  35. ines nahomy

    Justin bieber you video es fantastic . I LOVE justin bieber


  36. hmm

    After i read this, i imagined what the two would sound like together. I literally vomited.


  37. K.K.

    Kanye is trying to get teens to listen to his music, i guess.



    [...] two previously worked together on the remix to “Runaway Love” featuring Raekwon and expressed their mutual appreciation for each others’ [...]

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