T.I. Takes Over NYC for Film Screening

T.I. and Amar'e Stoudemire

T.I. may be the king of many things, but when it comes to height, he’s no competition for Amar’e Stoudemire. At 6’10”, the New York Knick towered over Tip at the NYC screening of Takers at the Regal E-Walk theaters on Sunday (Aug. 15).

The multi-talented star has been traveling across the country promoting his new action film, making his latest stop in the Big Apple to debut the movie in front of celebs including Stoudemire and Maino. His wife Tiny was by his side beaming with pride.

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  1. loljiosd

    eww look at t.i’s shoes dey so damm ugly , how can u be that rich and have such cheap looking shoes.
    he’s overall swagger in these picture is super OFF he dressed like a white man


  2. Awesome picture!

    The TI and Amar’e picture is hilarious. It’s just as good as when JD has his picture taken alongside a tall guy!!!


  3. Game

    Yeah, that pic is hella funny… But what’s up with that nerd style? It’s stupid, man.


  4. Don Bleek

    I guess T.I. is that big when it comes to standing next to Amar’e. As always, Tiny is styling on them hoes.


  5. newii_babbii

    ummh why in the hell is ppl sitin here talkin bout t.i looks stupid int the otufit he waering .. look they mite not be the best outfit but it cost more than ya broke down house


  6. MB92

    I Like T.I’s out fit thoughs glasses really fits him


  7. From Tokyo

    I like the nerdy style – the right people make it hot. Lotta haters got their shots in first, and it’s ignorant to say that somebody is dressed “like a white” person. That’s stereotyping black people, assigning a particular style to an entire group by contrasting it to another. May the ignorance continue, I guess.


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