T.I. Delays ‘King Uncaged’ Again

The King is not quite ready to leave his cage. Hours before hitting the stage at his “AXE One Night Only” concert, Tip revealed to Rap-Up TV that his new album King Uncaged won’t be dropping on September 28. Instead, he’s focusing on promoting his film Takers and plans to go back in the studio to record more material once the movie arrives in theaters.

“I pushed the album back so I can completely focus my attention to the rollout and release of this film Takers,” he said. “I feel it wouldn’t be fair to the film or the album if I was splitting my attention span amongst the two, so I hit pause on the album to completely focus my attention to rolling out this here film. And once we prayerfully debut No. 1—25-plus, 20-plus million—then after those bottles have been popped and that celebration [is] underway, I will completely resubmerge myself back into the music, fully on album mode.”

Tip has three to four more weeks worth of recording left to finish the album. He’s already done over 100 songs and has to narrow them down to 14 which will make the final cut.

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  1. Anzwer

    This has nothing to do with the movie he hasn’t got the respons he wished for with the singles he dropped so far


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  4. Pablo

    I agree with Anzwer Got Your Back and Ya Hear Me aren’t doin so well…he should release Lick It with Lady Gaga, I think that record has potential


  5. From Tokyo

    Everybody delaying now. Well if what he’s put out so far hasn’t been doing so well then maybe it’s smart to go back and do more work.


  6. Mook

    That’s exactly right From Tokyo.


  7. money

    Fuck wat yall talkn bout


  8. MEME

    everyone know the real reason why albums get push back. Just ask Kelly, 50cent, and Ciara. These celebs always come with some bullsh*t excuse. Just admit it. Im sure if Gat your back, ride, commander was #1 on the charts, then their albums would have a sure release date.


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  11. SANZA

    Nah man I’m TI fan but honestly I think he pushed it to avoid the competition from Eminem – Recovery. period


  12. el pollo loco

    feeling ti fuck y’all haters!!!


  13. smkgreen

    T.I.’s new tracks are sickk. All yall hatin just cuz his shit is bomb and he wants to blow our mind with his new album. It’s gunna be gnarly so fuck yall hatin


  14. jayboogie

    I’ve liked what I’ve heard so far for the most part but I kinda saw this coming especially since King Uncaged was supposed to drop on the same day as Jeezy’s new album. Nothin wrong with friendly competition but I think they got too much respect for one another to stifle each others album releases.


  15. magicmike

    T.I. is the best rapper alive!!!! since pac is dead :( will wait as long as it takes. paper trail was the shit!! he gonna give us a better album than paper trail and thats hard to do. give my boy credit he just got out of prison and it takes lil bit to get back to normal. i know first hand. T.I. do your thang boy got nuttin but love for ya.


  16. Zaid

    True that Magicmike and Tokyo you guys told the truth nothin else is remind to tell. I feelthe same way and it’s true that Tip need to concetrate his new movie Takers and he is doing it. he took the movie to #1 grossing over 30 millions for the first week. kinG Uncage better be worth to wait.


  17. H-Town

    You guys ain’t got NO idea what it takes to promote a movie. shut the hell up. He’s delaying the album exactly cause of Takers, and cause he wants to take the time to follow up Paper Trail which is a hard fuckin’ thing to do. shit was the bomb. nothin’ to do with singles attention, apparently he got two party tracks among his 100, including one with Lady Gaga, he could drop any of them at any time if he wanted some airplay. If you support Tip, support him in these times. dude’s going all around the fuckin’ country probably.


  18. jamiie

    he done messed up now he goin to jail man thts lame


  19. Diana

    Shyyt fckk al of y’all.. Idk wat y’all tlkn bout kuz am buy dat fo sho… Dnt hate niqkas… T.I is da best


  20. g

    this niggas shit hard ya hear me dogn shit maby yal jus cant relate 2 wat he rap


  21. Roddy G

    I don’t understand y “yeah you know” did not get the attention it deserved. I love that song! very motivating!I think he is a good MC with actual content in his lyrics. Hate it or love, he has a heart that won’t accept defeat and he puts it in his music. If you don’t like top tip you don’t like hop hop.


  22. Drew, MEMPHIS, TN

    too bad he’ll be going back to prison from them drug charges


  23. Simpleglitter

    Okay it really gets me mad when people talk about him being in jail, get over it! Recently he was caught with illegal things, but it doesn’t mean every time speaks of him they have to bring up jail! Anyways i can’t wait for the album im so excited!(: T.I. is the best!!


  24. Patrick Hubbard from Chicago

    T.I. is to me the best artist the game has ever seen so far. Despite of Lil Wayne and Jay-Z T.I. Is the best!!! WORD UP! But as far as the King Uncaged album not being released just yet. I have patience for a great artist like himself T.I. Y’all just wait T.I. is about to drop something hot!!!! In a meanwhile T.I.’s papertail album was the best so far and I can’t stop listening to it. I am and will always be a Great and Loyal fan of T.I.


  25. Alicia

    I dnt believe PaperTrail was the best. Urban Legend was my fave & the #1 album is split btw Trap Musik or Urban Legend. PaperTrail was a bit commercial 4 me. I love the old TIP but i kno people grow up. Now dnt get me wrng, all his shyt jam. Im just a lil disappointed cuz a chik been waitin on the new album. Its gone be the shyt & all u flies get ready!!!!


  26. lovethaking

    T.I. is tha best rapper POINT BLANK. don’t get it confused because he says he gon’ push his cd back. he have been busy with concerts && tha movie takers. clearly he needs more time too focus on tha cd, like he SAID ! got your back, ya hear, yeah you know && i’m back are all ridin. POINT BLANK. and when tha cd come out i GUARENTEE i will be gettin it. =)


  27. tyler

    when dose this aulbum even come out 28th right?


  28. jeremiah32

    MAN T.I. shit is hot im back and the takers track yeah is fucking great and the song with keri hilson is good to so hell if theres better music than that on the cd fuck it b worth the wait… hes the best rapper alive fuck jay-z IS OK lil wayne is decent and EMINEM enough said so enjoy music its better now than ever


  29. slimy-loo

    man, what the fuck?
    i’m really depressed. everything is delayed.
    king uncaged is delayed, da carter 4 is delayed.
    even NBA ELITE 11 is delayed


  30. swagsalute

    yea i feel he didn’t drop it because the jeezy and gucci release dates just outta respect and maybe he just felt his lbum needed more work t.i. aint like other artist so u cant really compare them he aint scared he dont give a fuck point blank he just wants money and i think his album will be way betta the recovery i mean pledge allegiance to the swag is dope


  31. brandon

    ti joints are fire on his fuck a mixtape. im just waiting on da album. he is still my goon from bankhead.


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