Video: Trey Songz f/ Nicki Minaj – ‘Bottoms Up’

Trey Songz

Trey Songz steals your girl and Nicki Minaj Roman Zolanski for “Bottoms Up,” the first single from his new album Passion, Pain & Pleasure, dropping Sept. 14. Instead of going the obvious route with the visuals, Trigga Trey takes a more mysterious, dark approach to the club record with director Anthony Mandler.

“‘Bottoms Up,’ I feel, is a very creative video. [It's] different from the norm, different than what I feel is expected of me and anything I’ve shot for that matter,” Trey told MTV News. “It’s as if I’m walking through some kind of funhouse, filled with women and different seductive things.”

Pop open the video below.

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  1. Trey




    What’s innovative in this video ? I mean please Trey…SMH.


  3. SWAG .

    Anthony Mandler killed the cinematography! Sick video. Could’ve used a few more scenes. Trey should’ve been walking into different rooms, but I guess the budget was tight. Atlantic never gives him the funds to be seen as a bigger star. Good video nonetheless. A step up from the cheap bedroom videos.


  4. J

    Nicki killed it!!! But you knew that already, LOL.


  5. 2XCL

    Was it just me or did the video seem like it was going way too fast or something? I dont know but it just made me dizzy after awhile, i couldnt see them mouthing the words at the right time. But Nicki killed it of course!


  6. Toolondeck

    awesome!trey and nicki mayne are jus somethin else


  7. bass_man

    roman zolanski > nicki minaj

    and i knew anthony mandler did this before i even read it, because he just loves to see the artists in epileptic seizures.


  8. Trina305

    Sorry this video is lame.. Song is lame.. Nicki has already gotten old.. Sorry


  9. usherbig fan

    usher the king ever yaeh man usher baby is best r&b artist ever a legand



    nicki KILT it.!


  11. Rhino

    I want the “Gotta Make It” and “Gotta Go” Trey back…that was excellent. Even his “Trey Day” form was pretty good-Anybody else think he sold out when “Ready” dropped?


  12. Mike

    Not bad. Trey Songz is so sexy and Nicki is incredible.


  13. me

    i feel like it didnt show nicki enough in her part like trey was even all up in when nicki was rapping i wanted to see what nicki looked like saying certain parts other than that i like it like we didnt even get a close up of nicki face and yes i think nicki has a really pretty face that needs to be shown i saw that stripper girl more than i saw nicki in this video


  14. Taybee(Ranoey)

    Lol yea i agree with @me. They should have stayed with nicki more during her verse, but im not going to lie the part where trey head rolls when her censored “380″ comes is tight. Nonetheless She slayed it and trey killed it as well, Usually when i listen to this song, i skip straight to nicki’s part, but with the video, i actually watch the entire thing till her part. :) Excellent job, her theatrics were amazing in this one!


  15. Will

    The only part of the video that was decent was Nicki’s part but i knew the video wouldnt be that great cause Anthony Mandler directed it. I give this video a 6 out of 10 and thats being way too generous lol.


  16. Phoenix_Wright

    Yet another Anthony Mandler video that is too similar to some of his others. Yes it has cool lighting, colors, and the fast motion movements that his videos are known for.

    this video
    Ryan Leslie – You’re Not My Girl
    Rihanna – Distrubia
    Amerie – Heard Em’ All
    Mary J Bligde – The One
    Rihanna – Russian Roulette
    Drake – Over

    Not exactly the same of course, just saying his videos have become less interesting I guess since a few of the same things are present


  17. A Realist

    Lol its cool. Definitely wasn’t expecting this.


  18. 20

    I fucking Love Nicki Minaj


  19. 20



  20. YAS

    I knew that Mandle would ruin this video
    lil freak 2.0 with a z-list singer and a z-list budget


  21. Rulebreaker

    Boring, I’m done with Anthony Mandler’s dark concept videos. And yes, it’s really similar to his previous videos like “Heard ‘Em All” or “The One”.

    And Trey, can we get at least one video where you don’t take your shirt off?


  22. carl

    Nicki only made this good.


  23. Mr Back To Tha Future (I'm So McFly)



  24. jay

    yo trey, do you think u could buy me a bottle of rose………….

    hahaha love her!


  25. @LuversLaneBeats

    this is VERY different not the trey tht im used 2 it didnt sit well with me the song is good NEXT!


  26. @LuversLaneBeats

    i second tht @rhina &rulebreaker


  27. Christian

    This would be better if artist who feature Nicki (Roman in this case) do not feel like their ENTIRE video has to be to her style. SHE is the one who looks all crazy, you don’t have to do it too Trey. BTW I hated Trey’s part anyways, so (AS ALWAYS) Nicki has slayed again! :-)


  28. d@niz

    omg trey is so hot i wanna get married wit him


  29. Sly B.

    Love the jam.
    Expected more from vid.


  30. g3

    this was a mess and i dont like the song either nicki was cute tho and trey is just sexy but thats about it


  31. henry

    you know your a good artist when your only a cameo and everyone only talks about you.. this song is garbage without nicki..


  32. jone

    its was OOOOKAYYYY



    nicki minaj killed it!!!


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