Raekwon Confirms Kanye West-Justin Bieber Collaboration: ‘It Will Be Fire’

Raekwon, Kanye West, and Justin Bieber

What seemed like a far-fetched idea is quickly becoming a reality. Raekwon is heading to the studio to work on a collaboration with Kanye West and Justin Bieber. The Kanye-orchestrated effort started over the weekend when he was tweeting the teen idol and casually mentioned that he would like to record a track with him and the Wu-Tang Clan member.

Raekwon, whose album Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Pt. 2 (Gold Edition) hit iTunes this week, confirms that the unlikely pairing is more than just talk and may be on the radio before you know it. Rap-Up.com chopped it up with the Chef to find out what he’s cooking up and why he’s a Belieber.

Are you open to collaborating with Kanye and Justin?
Absolutely. Just on the strength that I look at them two as being great artists in the game and at the end of the day, it’s all about just keeping yourself relevant and making great music. It’s very interesting for me, so I’m sure it’s going to be killer. I can’t wait to hear it. I’m supposed to get on top of everything [today] and go see what it’s about.

Are you actually going to meet up and talk about it?
Yeah, yeah. It’s already in the makings. People are talking. So when people are talking, we have to respond to the things that we’re talking about.

What do you expect the track to sound like?
You just gotta sit there imagining in your mind what it’s gonna sound like. I already know. You dealing with top class artists—just think about that collaboration. It’s something to really question, but at the end of the day, it will be fire. I already know it’s gonna be fire.

Justin Bieber referred to you by your nickname the “Chef” on Twitter. What do you think about that?
Yo, it’s real. Right then and there, he knows hip-hop. Anybody that really respects my art, they call me Chef, so he really knows what he’s talkin’ about if he said that. These young cats, they know what they know. We can’t ever take that away from them. I try to keep myself as relevant as I can. I’m sure he recognizes the legacy and he recognizes where I came from. It was a shock to me still because he’s definitely a young cat, but it felt good to know that he knows that.

How do you feel about J.B.?
I think he’s a talented artist and I think that he’s the new generation’s Justin Timberlake. He’s a new talent and a new face in the game, and he has a great voice. I think he’s got style. For my name to be called, it’s an honor and I would work with them just for the fact that the thought even came to mind. At the end of the day, I’m down for the get-down.

So when is it going down?
I’m shooting out of town [today] to go get on top of things. By [then] everything will be solidified. I’m going in the studio. You gotta remember, the conversation was only three days ago. It’s all moving and responding to it. Sometimes ideas come to your mind right then and there and you have to make it reality now because people are interested in it. They lookin’ at it like, “Wow, a legend, a young singer, a great producer-lyricist all coming together is really interesting.” So that’s why we gotta make it happen.

–Reporting by Tanya Remekie

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  1. JeezyWon

    aa..i have nothin to say but why kanye ?


  2. YONKS



  3. Infamous1



  4. yourlove

    Raekwon seems really hype JB knows who he is and seemed a little full of himself.! He was talking like he’s sold 100 million records, boy boo!


  5. ...

    and kanye will face zero consequences from this collabo because the masses are sheep. people ride his jock like he’s some transcendent messiah of an emcee when he’s average at best.


  6. G

    why do people care so much about who their favorite artists work with. Why is it bad for Rae to work with Justin Bieber…all you should care about is the song…if it’s good, than just respect it and the artists no matter who they are.

    I can’t stand the word SELLOUT…it’s a bunch of BS


  7. G

    and it’s funny that he called himself a “legend”…thats something Kanye would say…w/e though, Raekwon is dope


  8. mr

    yall havent even heard the song yet and yall are already bitchin i mean does your life suck that bad that you have to constantly hate. I could see if you heard it already and its just not your thing but no yall gotta spread that negative energy all over. People get a life please because they are gonna continue on with their life regardless. And @…. Your taste in music must be horrible because their is nothing average about kany west smh


  9. stella

    i want to mary you i want to sex you





  11. Billiam



  12. JhuntdaProdigy

    I’m not hating on it, I’m just really really curious to see how this is gonna sound. I think it’s gonna be dope, ftw!


  13. {1001010110101010}

    Justin Bieber. You are a very interesting fellow aren’t you. I just want you to know that I am watching you. I am very interested in your life. Unfortunately for you… I know your secret. The one you have been hiding from your parents, from your teachers, and from the press. I want you to do one thing, and one thing only. I want you to confess this secret to the public. This all must be carried out by August 21 at 4:00pm. If you do not, the results will be… unfortunate.


  14. philly11

    This is gonna be some funny shit. Rae’s fanbase is gonna be PISSED, but if anybody can pull off a hot song with this trio…it is Kanye..


  15. Diamond

    Smh I wish these dudes would stop worshiping Justin Bieber.

    He sell’s because he attracts a young age group, that actually BUYS music.

    Raekwon and Kanye – your only hurting your image, and his image.


  16. michael

    that should be GOOD


  17. mr

    @diamond the demographic that he makes music for is young people(tweens and teens)


  18. K4Kenzo

    this is sad .. very sad


  19. Goon

    We want Justin Bieber DEAD. :)
    F**ck this collaboration.


  20. Darkspike

    Justin Bieber MUST DIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!


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