Brandy’s Night Out with Kelly Rowland and Paris Hilton

Kelly Rowland and Brandy

It was girls’ night out for Brandy and her BFF Kelly Rowland, who were seen holding hands while leaving Katsuya in Hollywood on Wednesday night (Aug. 18). “Me and my bestie @kellyrowland !! Dinner IN Hollyweird:),” tweeted the “Full Moon” singer.

After walking Kelly out to her car, she bumped into none other than Paris Hilton. “Home now, but guess who I ran into after I walked Kells to her car? Ms. France Hotel-She’s HOT!” she wrote.

The heiress reportedly asked Brandy to leave the Japanese eatery at the same time as her in order to distract the paparazzi from photographing her with a mystery man. Now that’s what friends are for.

Kelly Rowland and Brandy Brandy and Kelly Rowland Brandy and Paris Hilton

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  1. javonscott

    i love brandyy :)


  2. theresa_keys

    they look like they are sisters :0 kelly and brandy


  3. mike

    brandy has finally got it together, she looks fineeee


  4. Dimp-Zone

    promo stunt!! lol


  5. Lisa

    OMG! Brandy looks gorgeous. I’m glad her and Kelly are friends again and look at her working that promo by getting Paris Hilton. Get it girl, now deliver another amazing album, so I can forget ‘Human.’


  6. WhatTheF

    Kelly Flopland’s face is looking extra long in these pics, but B-Rocka looks pretty impressive!


  7. Sly B.

    Collab coming soon? Hopefully?


  8. Dave

    Brandy looks so nice. Her body is on point too. I love Kelly. Dead @ Paris being there. It’s like talent (Brandy, Kelly Rowland) >>>>> & just being there (Paris Hilton). & yass @Sly B. I hope they do, do a collabo soon.


  9. V.I.C.

    I love fine women. Kelly and Brandy are the ISH.


  10. V.I.C.

    We need those new albums ladies! C’mon with it!!!


  11. lebo(Caribbeanboi)

    2 beautiful ladies … luv ms kelly & b rocka …


  12. luv music



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