Lloyd Banks Says Shyne and Game Have ‘Wack’ Verses

Lloyd Banks

Just like his boss 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks has never been one to bite his tongue. The Queens native recently admitted his loathing for verses spit by the likes of rappers Shyne and Game.

“Shyne, he’s number one,” Banks said in a recent interview on AListRadio.net’s “I Am the Now” show. Though the rapper could not recall the name of Shyne’s song “Belize,” which features posthumous verses from the Notorious B.I.G. and Bob Marley, he did hint that the track was the basis of his ill feelings toward the former Bad Boy affiliate’s rhyming game.

“He disrespected Biggie Smalls, man,” he continued. “This record is the worst record. Like [the movie] Paranormal Activity, wack.”

The G-Unit member, whose third solo album H.F.M. 2 (Hunger for More 2) is set for release November 23, also went on to name a track from Compton representer Game, which showcased his less than stellar lyrical abilities. “I think Game’s ‘Shake,’ that record was like super wack,” he admitted.

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  1. WhatTheF

    This is too funny! He must not realize how wack HE is… Him and his whole crew…


  2. King$am

    Everybody knows Shyne is wack, i don’t wtf he be smoking. Since Game left G-Unit he became wack too. I think G-Unit was the perfect home 4 him.


  3. A Realist

    I liked “Shake” :(


  4. Lisa

    Lloyd sucks period, so he has no room to talk. G-Unit is trash!


  5. Pinoy

    What’s new, cause those 2 are his arch rivals.
    Game has actually done a lot better than Banks.


  6. WOW

    Whatever lloyd….


  7. dillon_68

    Game has fell off, I like Banks much better. As for Shyne, prison f’d up his voice, I wonder how…?


  8. SargeWP

    What has game done lately? he can even get a decent single to realease his album, AND he’s back with Dr.Dre thats crazy.

    He Has NO BUZZ AT ALL. It’s really sad he was even begging to get back in G-unit after all the disrepectful shit he did. He realizes the G-Unit (mostly just Lloyd Banks) is back on the rises after a period of decline,


  9. JhuntdaProdigy

    Let me explain something, Lloyd Banks has 1 hit with Beamer, Benz, or Bentley, and it didn’t even chart that high in reality. His 2nd single with R&B Lloyd Any girl ain’t did nun. Banks ain’t even that lyrical imo. He’s right though, Game’s records been whack, he’s been on a steady decline from his first album on. And don’t no one give a f*ck about Shyne lol. Yeah I know, I’m in full-out hater mode right now, but I’m just speaking the truth


  10. Hip-hop123

    Banks is hot as at the moment! One of the best lyricist around and has been for years! Shyne has always been wack, everything he has ever done has been wack, and The Game hasnt had a good single out since `My Life` and has fallen off since!


  11. SargeWP

    The Only Reason BBB didn’t chart higher was because there wasn’t any Payloa behind it, as banks was independant at the time. Any Girl Just got realeased to radio 3 weeks ago and has been climbing up the Rap/R&B Billboard charts every week, Plus itunes purchases for the single have been climbing.

    Any Girl has also entered Top 40 Urban Radio Charts this week. It just went for adds at rhythmic radio stations this week also. The Video should help it debut on the Hot 100 sometime next month. I do think he needs another hot single though Any Girl has been getting mixed to Postive reactions.


  12. crip


    youza dummy beamer didn’t chart high cause he was independent do you know what that means ? no label, no radio release money, no video money, nothing and he sold 600k digital singles with it, he signed to EMI last week and any girl started to hit up the radio so don’t be surprised when it peaks on billboard hot 100.


  13. Good Muzik





  14. Haze

    Huh? Lloyd how? Lol.


  15. Watts101

    Who would have thought bank$ be hotter than game at this point.. and game got a major and dre behind him while banks is indie smh game taking a big L for this one


  16. dedrick

    Game suckz bankz on top now


  17. Dope Smoka

    dude game is just plain shit now he was good but every album has been gettin worse n worse – Documentary was dope Docs Ad had some dope tracks and LAX had like 1 or 2 good songs and shake ? wtf i couldnt even listen to the whole thing was just shit and banks is gettin better and better with all his shit like v5 BBB nygirl if you aint relise G-Unit gettin back up to #1 after there decline banks is hungry


  18. Flamur-13anner-The-Game-G-Unot!!!-BWS!

    The “bad” song of The Game is better than Banks!
    hahah shit! The Game have not bad song!!!!!


  19. ceza07

    man v5 tops games album period ! dis nigga banks droppin records out imagin how hfm 2 will do!sheesh


  20. Arrogant25

    How can yall sit here and say lloyd banks is trash smh niggas don’t know real music!! Banks has the most creative punchlines!! He will smash most mc’s in da game as we speak!! Shyne and gayme wack ass fuck and if it wasn’t for fiddy gayme wouldn’t of had the success he had!!


  21. Papa

    lol I agree ‘Shake’ was pretty wack, but honestly Banks (50′s bitch) is no one, G-Unit is trash, L.A.X. doubled 50 Cent’s ‘Before I Self Destruct’ in the opening week, so how can you say G-Unit is rising lol, do some research Game>G-Unit, if you disagree you do not know shit about hip-hop and are reason people consider Lil Wayne the ‘best’ rapper.


  22. Jimi

    I feel u Papa, dis punks dnt no shit bout rap


  23. susie Q

    Banks has always sucked he ain’t shit without 50. The
    game can do better.50 fell off too, he need to get back to dat hood shit and quick all that lovey dovey
    shit. To me that ayo technoloy song sucked!


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