Video: Cee-Lo – ‘F**k You’ [Preview]

While the song’s title isn’t one Cee-Lo Green should be mentioning around his mama, it is one that will undoubtedly be chanted by scorned lovers across the globe. In this preview video, which serves as a lyric book for the track, one-half of Gnarls Barkley lets loose about his gold-digging ex-girlfriend. With colorful verses littered with sentiments like, “I guess the change in my pockets just wasn’t enough” and “I guess he’s an Xbox and I’m more Atari,” “F**k You” is the perfect track to dedicate to an unworthy ex.

The full-length video for “F**k You,” which appears on Cee-Lo’s forthcoming album Lady Killer (Oct. 5), is set to premiere next week.

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  1. True Blue

    His mama is dead, you insensitive jerks.


  2. Your Father

    This song needs to blow the FUCK UP!
    This is real good music, and I can definitely relate. lol


  3. Better work

    Very funny, best video of this time around


  4. WOW

    LOVE this!!!!!!!


  5. taj mahal

    Funny as hellllllll!!!


  6. GeeGee



  7. chet

    f**ckin love this song! shit is real.


  8. Sly B.



  9. javonscott



  10. Mimi

    Absolutely brillaint, it’ll be a hit!


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