Video: Sean Garrett f/ Bun B & Yo Gotti – ‘Summer Love’

Sean Garrett and Yo Gotti

Sean Garrett showcases his rapping skills and his muscular physique in the video for “Summer Love,” the second single off his sophomore album Courtesy Of. The Mr. Boomtown-directed clip features scantily-clad females, candy-painted whips, water gun fights, and a packed-out barbecue. Southern lyricists Bun B and Yo Gotti lend their syrupy drawls as they make cameos.

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  1. Lyric "Commander" Lee



  2. JhuntdaProdigy

    One thing about Sean Garret, he’s versatile as hell, this dude go from Gripping On The Bed, to Break Up, to Massive Attack, to She Geeked, to Feel Love, to this. Don’t none of these songs sound nothing alike. I think his next official promoted single should be the Feel Love joint with Drake, that has the most crossover pop appeal. This song is dope though, Gotti did his thing, Sean was pretty good this time around, and Bun B killed it!


  3. TVA

    He’s a producer who will now perform by any means necessary. Full producers also write and at times get the itch to perform their material.


  4. Dillon_68

    This song and video go too hard. I agree with @JhuntdaProdigy, Sean Garrett is no one trick pony. I just wish he could score a hit.


  5. Orland0

    yo I like Sean Garrett but this video looks so ol’ skool datz da only 1 thing I dnt care 4 thz video.
    I do luv da s0ng th0….


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