Video: Gucci Mane Performs With the Help of Lil’ Kim

Lil' Kim and Gucci Mane

When Gucci Mane calls on the freaky girls, they come out of the woodwork. Even rap star Lil’ Kim. During the Gooch’s secret show at Nike Stadium in New York City earlier this week, the Queen Bee joined the rapper onstage as he performed his song “Freaky Gurl,” one of the many tracks he burned through during his 25-minute set. Outfitted in a form-fitting dress, Kim dances beside, and below Gucci, while spitting a few verses from the record.

Video via FADER TV

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  1. beyonce's boo

    kim looks hot


  2. Diamond

    Kim looks a mess as usual…I miss her old face….


  3. Trina305

    Glad 2 See Her On Her Grind! The world is sleeping on LIL’ KIM & WYCLEF JEAN- GANGSTA GIRL- Track is FIRE!


  4. WhatTheF

    Make that pussy purr Kim!


  5. WhatTheF

    Queen Bee.


  6. WOW

    Still love Kim


  7. Mr X

    lil kim is a plastic piece of shit lol


  8. d.A.N

    u talking about the queen bee,queen of hiphop,not cartoon’s rap………….luv u ma


  9. A Realist

    Love this song. Haha. And man. Kim looks soooo different.


  10. ponyo

    is gucci expectin…..


  11. Eh

    Damn kim look like snooki now smfh. I miss the old kim :(


  12. 49ers160

    must be hot in dere cuz Gucci keep wiping his face lol


  13. maxi lopez

    smh kim plsss stop wasting precious time honey walmart is still hiring…i kn its hurting to see things go this way but just just swallow ur shameful pride you gona be doing jus fine at walmart and beside the word “FLOP” doesn’t exist there, so believe if i say you’ll be fine…


  14. Trina305

    @ Maxi – Kim will always be more successful and relevant then you. Just curious… How much did she get paid to do this show… How much do you get paid in a year…. Sit your none typing irrelevant ass down.


  15. Stuyridah

    @trina305 I lub me some you, that’s right go off kim pay’s ya’ll haters no mind so bye bye


  16. Brian

    Lil’ Kim is the QUEEN of Hip Hop!!! Always the best female rapper HANDS DOWN!!! kim looks great.


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