Wyclef Jean Disqualified From Haitian Presidential Campaign

Wyclef Jean

Wyclef Jean announced earlier this month that he was ready to hit the presidential campaign trail in Haiti, but today the former Fugees member must accept the fact that he is ineligible to take part in the election.

Haiti’s election committee announced that the 40-year-old musician will not be allowed to run for president of the impoverished country. The commission did not express the reason why Wyclef failed to meet the eligibility requirements. Haiti requires presidential candidates to have resided in the country for five consecutive years, own property, and have no other citizenship but Haitian.

While the singer spent Thursday (Aug. 19) on “Larry King Live,” refuting claims that he was disqualified from running in the Haitian presidential campaign, he revealed his sentiments following the electoral commission’s decision. “Though I disagree with the ruling, I respectfully accept the committee’s final decision, and I urge my supporters to do the same,” Wyclef said in a statement.

Besides Jean’s rejection from the candidacy, his uncle, Raymond Joseph, who is Haiti’s ambassador to the United States, was also rejected.

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  1. WhatTheF

    Good. He needs to be trying to get the Fugees back together…


  2. A Realist

    That is disappointing.


  3. music guru

    Haha just because your an artist doesn’t mean you can rule a country, dummy :P




    Pras will never agree to that…lol…after he delibirately opposed Wyclef running how the hell is clef gonna get fugees together…ha ha…plus Lauryn is just not all here right now – so that’s wishful thinking


  5. T-vince

    Flop Flop Flop!!! Just like i wanted!!! Fugees La la la,,,,,lol


  6. ...

    i don’t think he had the best of intentions anyway, so i’m okay with this.


  7. ponyo

    who is surprised not me


  8. RobL

    i agree with @ponyo.
    what supporters? you are musician, stick to that. being a president it is not easy. plus the country needs a politician not some musician who lived in usa.


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