Faith Evans Busted for Drunk Driving

Faith Evans

R&B singer Faith Evans isn’t having the best weekend. The 37-year-old caught a case last night in the Marina Del Ray section of Los Angeles after stopping at a routine drunk driving checkpoint, where police detected alcohol on her breath and arrested the recording artist on suspicion of driving under the influence.

This isn’t the first time that Evans has had a run-in with the law on account of using a substance. In 2004, the L.A.-based vocalist and her husband Todd Russaw were arrested for cocaine and marijuana possession in Atlanta. The couple spent 13 weeks in rehab following the incident, which she vaguely made reference to on her 2005 single “Again.”

Evans is currently promoting her sixth album Something About Faith, slated to hit stores October 5 via E1 Music. The LP, her first in almost half a decade, is led by the ballad “Gone Already” produced by Carvin & Ivan.

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  1. MB

    NOOOOO! :(


  2. Pinoy

    Waaay to start her new album, good PR or NOOOT!!!


  3. Margryg

    Get it together girl! You are a mother, a wife, a beautiful woman of color, with a voice that makes you tremble and can reduce you to tears. So talented a true gift. Find your way home to God! Find your own faith, salvation, and strength.


  4. ...

    Stop with the God talk. It’s insulting. Plenty of very faithful, hardcore Christians are drunks, among other things, so “coming home to God” is nonsense.


  5. WhatTheF

    Shame on her fat ass…


  6. Jay

    That was a real dumb ass move especially when your coming back in the public eye…


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