JoJo Experiments with New Sounds on Mixtape


JoJo has stepped out of the spotlight for quite some time, having released her sophomore album The High Road four years ago. Now, the 19-year-old Boston singer is gearing up for the release of her third effort, All I Want Is Everything, to be released at the top of 2011, by putting out a new mixtape titled Can’t Take That Away From Me.

The songstress with a soulful voice compiled the new tape using songs she’s crafted over the course of a year. Listeners can expect to hear a broad range of topics and sounds on the project. From mainstream pop records to tunes tinged with hip-hop flavor, JoJo dabbled in many genres, including her favorite, which are the soulful records that compliment her voice best.

“This mixtape is more experimental,” JoJo tells “I was able to explore the full spectrum of things that interest me and inspire me musically. Whereas the album, I wanted to make pop records and radio hits and things that satisfy me, but particularly for [All I Want Is Everything], it’s more of a continuous body of work. The mixtape, I was able to do some things that were more soulful, incorporate live instruments, and say things that I wouldn’t normally say on an album. I was just able to take more of a risk. It is all over the place, just like me.”

While her albums tend to have a cohesive sound and a common thread, the mixtape jumps around in a manner she’s content with. As for the title, JoJo explains that its meaning comes from a very personal place. “It was kind of symbolic of some things I have been going through professionally as well as personally,” she reveals. “Starting with the fact that I want to release music and you can’t really take what comes naturally to me, away from me.”

Producer Chad Hugo of The Neptunes, and experimental artist Kenna, joined forces to create several tracks for Can’t Take That Away From Me. They’re the creators behind “Pretty Please,” “Kiss and Tell,” and “Shades.” Grammy Award-winning beatmaker Neff-U produced the mixtape’s title track as well as a song titled “Runnin’ on Empty.” Then there’s J. Gatsby, the musical director behind JoJo’s band and the producer of “In the Dark,” a record that finds the songstress moving away from that happy-go-lucky sound.

“I think ‘In the Dark’ is different than anything people have heard from me before,” says JoJo. “It’s a very sensual record and there’s an undertone of sadness to it.”

All in all, Can’t Take That Away From Me is JoJo’s re-entry to the music industry. Fans have sat idle waiting for her to drop new material and the time has finally arrived.

“I’m interested to see what people think because I am experimenting with sounds,” she admits. “My fans’ opinions really matter to me so I’m going to be looking to see what they gravitate towards. And of course, I’m a little nervous because I haven’t released material in a while. [But] I’m confident that people will dig what I release.”

Can’t Take That Away From Me will premiere exclusively on on September 7. “In the Dark,” the first single from the mixtape, will also debut here later this month.

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  4. laura

    I LOVE THIS SONG!! ive heard it, sadly it leaked but i really had to listen to it. It’s a hit for sure!


  5. desi

    i love her! 9/7 I CAN’T WAIT!!!


  6. J-Angel

    I can’t wait! LOVE THIS GIRL.


  7. Me

    Spread the word, people. This girl is TOO talented to be slept on for any longer. Let’s make it happen.


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  9. Melanie

    I can’t wait, I think Jojo is kinda underrated, she has such a pretty voice and I still listen to “High Road” to this day.


  10. Teatea

    @All US Fans please buy the MIXTAPE in 9/7 >>>>>> Number 1 on Billboard 200.

    She’s back yeaahhhhh


  11. Jay

    the mixtape wont be released lol, just there for you to download


  12. A.J. Crew

    Hell. effin. yeah.


  13. vmars08

    Hey Rap-Up, is “In The Dark” the song that JoJo made her top-secret viral video for a while back?


  14. Nicole Parris

    JoJo your brazilian fans love you! September 7th here we come!! \o/


  15. Derrek

    CANT WAIT!!! In the Dark is going to be released at the end of september or august? And Can’t take that away from me leaked but did In the Dark?


  16. Adam

    “In The Dark” will surely be released before “Can’t Take That Away From Me”. It wouldn’t make semse for the song to be released as a 1st single after the mixtape had been released in Sept. 7th. lol. Just thought I’d clarify that. I am proud to say that I have been a JoJo fan since the debut of “Leave (Get Out)”, and I must admit, the wait is surely worth it. She has come along way, and I can already determine that without having to listen to any of the tracks — Jo has grown not only as a person, but as an artist vocally and mentally. Her hard work and efforts are going to pay off within this year/the next. JoJo IS the way. GOD BLESS!


  17. JoJoFan!

    I’m confused.
    Is the WHOLE mixtape premiering on September 7th, or just the song?


  18. shanise

    september better hurry the heck up


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  22. Hannah

    You sillies. The mixtape will premiere on the website. Y’all got so excited that you forgot how to read. LMAOOOOO. I love Jo and she is gonna blast off. I love what she’s done and where she’s going.


  23. gumaro

    OMFG!!! I have waited FOUR LONG years for this! Her ball is finally moving! I am soo happy for her. JoJo and her AMAZING, unlike no other out there VOICE needs to be heard and get some shine. I cant wait!


  24. Gman

    YES!! JOJO is the shit, there is no other like her out in the biz. I hope she comes hard, I can feel it in her tweets that she is so ready to be heard. I hope she gets the recognition for all her hard work. We love you JOJO!.


  25. Joe

    Helll yessss!!! Fuck I have been following her for freakkinnn dayyys just waiting for this moment right here! TELL EVERYBODY! AND I THINK “In The Dark” COULD DROP ANY MOMENT. Because if you think about it, the mixtape gets dropped on Sept, 7. Soo, the single should be coming out hella soon, like today or tommorow hella sooon! Because singles usually get put out a little while befor the rest of the stuff. Right?! Whatever man, I AM GOING TO BUY IN THE DARK ON ITUNES THE SHITFACED SECOND IT COMES OUT! IM GONNA PLAY THE FUCK OUT OF IT ON YOUTUBE. AND IM GONNA TELL EVERYBODY ABOUT IT. 2011 IS GONNA BE JOJO’s YEAR :)


  26. Mike

    YES! I can’t wait to finally hear new music from her.


  27. Sean


    This girl is incredibly talented. I think we all need a bit of that warm, gorgeous voice again.



  28. r&b

    Am I hearing this right, the wait is finally over?!

    Anyway, I gotta hear this. I’ll def. be critiquing it, and even though it’s a mix tape, I hope i’m not disappointed.


  29. Bri

    Yeh! New Jojo is on the way!!Love her!!


  30. Kai

    Um….did anyone read the article? This is a mixtape & not her album. It sounds like it is available for FREE through Rap-Up not on sale @ iTunes. I’m pumped either way….it is good to hear new music from JoJo. I miss that girl!!


  31. Dave

    Work Jojo, can’t wait to hear it


  32. 01Everything

    mixtapes are free for download ppl. though if she decides to release a single from her mixtape with a music video and everything she can. chris brown did it with dueces and he made money off of it. i’ll download the mixtape but if she releases something on iTunes, i’ll buy it for support :) she can sing her ass off.


  33. pauline

    JOJO yesssssssssssssss ! elle est de retour ! tu nous manques jojo , je ne peux pas attendre! = ) , youuuu looooooooooveeee <3


  34. pauletta

    I’m so excited for the mixtape!!!!!


  35. Lisa

    In the Dark ** i like the title!!!!!! 2011???? Pls NOOOOOOO :((( I want the album this year


  36. ZoeyB

    I hope that play this twice will be on the mixtape. I hope for JoJo that she’s bringing the album early next year.


  37. Johnny D

    WE NEED MORE JOJO DAMNIT! FUCK the industry politics, FUCK if she doesn’t sound like the TRASHHHH that is on the radio, people want to hear her sing, perform and be respected for all that she is. Love you JOJO! I hope you read all our comments.


  38. Michelle

    I cannot wait to hear “In the Dark”
    I am scared that it’s going to sound like “Wait a Minute (For Your Love) because both tracks were produced by Jordan Gatsby, and I was NOT feeling that song. I want some uptempo hits!


  39. Edward

    Cannot Wait. Jojo is an amzing and true artist.


  40. JackkoOr

    Wiiii she’s back

    I can’t wait…..


  41. ftoooom

    can’t wait for this mixtape !! she’s gonna turn everything upside down
    love ya jojo <3


  42. Asleigh

    Yes!!! i love Jojo soo mutch her 2 first albums where amazing!!


  43. Krystal

    How do u get the mixtape? Where do u buy it from??


  44. Texas Girl

    “In the dark” is HOOOOOTTTT just heard it on Global Grind. I love JoJo :)


  45. AUDIO: JoJo’s New Song “In The Dark” Out Of Mixtape |

    [...] her new album “All I Want Is Everything” next year. “This mixtape is more experimental,” JoJo tells “I was able to explore the full spectrum of things that interest me and inspire me musically. [...]

  46. Yes I'm The One

    YES! I can’t wait. She’s so dope and so talented. I can’t wait! Pink Friday and Can’t Take That Away are gonna make my fall.


  47. Edward

    Great song


  48. Kit

    Supa Geeked Been waitin so long I just dont know what im gonna do when it comes out!!! Jojo is amazin’ Love Her


  49. LEW

    cool. yea im ready 4 it. i couldnt wait so i downloaded what leaked of all i want is everything. hopefully shell do better on this mixtape… theres was only a few songs i liked on the leaked portion af the album


  50. Leo

    she’s back….


  51. Wil

    You can find the album here


  52. Lynn

    I’m so glad she’s back LOVE her! Such a talent!!!


  53. marwa

    love jojo


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