Usher Hints at More New Music This Year


Usher is currently on the promotional campaign trail for his new EP Versus, the sequel to his platinum release Raymond v. Raymond. But the “OMG” singer recently hinted that the EP, slated to hit stores tomorrow, may not be the final chapter in the Raymond saga.

“There’s an array of new music that you guys actually haven’t heard,” he told ABC News in a backstage interview at last week’s “GMA” taping. “There’s another episode coming later on this year as well.”

Though Usher kept mum on the details of the next release, the next installment of the saga could potentially surpass the success of its predecessors. Released this past March, Raymond vs. Raymond has become one of Usher’s most successful albums, boasting the hits “Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home),” “Lil Freak” featuring Nicki Minaj, “There Goes My Baby” and the international smash “OMG” featuring The album crossed the platinum threshold this past June.

Versus is already off to a good start. The 9-track release includes the hits “Hot Tottie” featuring Jay-Z, “Somebody to Love (Remix)” featuring Justin Bieber and “DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love,” which he performed last Friday during his GMA concert.

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  1. mike

    ughh so annoying, his music is crap now, Confessions deserved its success but this new “i think i’m Taio Cruz 2″ isnt good at all


  2. WhatTheF

    And he couldn’t just add those other tracks to the EP?



  3. Allen

    More Usher Music From Raymond V. Raymond I Cant Wait Usher I Back On His B.S. It Feels Like The Year Of Confessions All Over Again And That A Good Thing Keep That Hits Coming Usher.

    Usher & Trey Songz Should Do A Album Together That Would Be So Sick


  4. Rap*

    Oh so thats where the Rihanna duet will be on. Cant wait


  5. Trey


    Maybe he wanted to record new stuff? With the exception of Hot Tottie and DJ Got US Fallin’ In Love, all the rest are throwaway RvR tracks, which most of leaked.


  6. Usher Supporter

    Yes.More Usher!

    “Usher & Trey Songz Should Do A Album Together ”
    Why Usher would record an album with a Zlist singer?Please STOP it.


  7. delroy

    i agree with @ trey apart from those two the others are shit


  8. bladerunin

    Usher is doing his thing as always and Here I Stand wasn’t a bad album. If Usher would do a duet album it would have be with someone like Beyonce or R Kelly, you know people that’s on his level of talent. No disrespect to Trey but why would he do an album with him when he could probably do it with the legend who Trey tries to be


  9. usherbig fan

    usher the king of r&b all times ever f*ck Trey Songz and all artist usher and mj pop+ r&b ever f*ck u Trey


  10. A Realist

    Trey Songz is nice, but he’s NOT on Usher’s level. #Fact


  11. IloveUrsherBaby

    True NO R&B singer on the male side is on Ushers level, people slept on Here I Stand that was a great album & so is Raymond v Raymond, 2 Number #1 singles this man is incredible. Trey Songz CANT TOUCH Usher, sell over 45 million albums world wide first!


  12. Foxx

    Yo all im sayin is this new music better be good R&B cuz that is his strongest but it looks like Pop is too but i would love it if the new songs are Confessions like


  13. Foxx

    Trey need to get 10 number one hits too cuz he only has one and if he wants to be on Ushers level sell a million in a week like usher


  14. Charla

    Knowledge wants to be free, just like these aritcles!


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