Video: am8er f/ Lil’ Kim – ’10 Date Commandments’


The Queen Bee shakes her tailfeather alongside Australian newcomer am8er in the video for her debut single, “10 Date Commandments.” Kim, who previously remade Biggie’s classic drug-slinging anthem “10 Crack Commandments” with Lil’ Mo titled “10 Commandments,” adds some hip-hop flavor to the candy pop tune, which lists the rules on how to properly date your man. The song is set to be included on am8er’s debut, Strawberries and Kittens, slated for release later this year.

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  1. BROOKLYN718

    Kim’s body is FIRE!

    Queen Bee stay fly!


  2. jeremydante

    what the fuck is kim doing?! we want hardcore kim back- STAT!


  3. jeremydante

    what is kim doing? enough of this bullshit.


  4. CaliFan

    Lil Kim looks absolutely gorgeous!

    She should do her hair & makeup like this all the time!


  5. Trina305

    Kim looks good but the song is not my tea.. But glad to see kim doing her thing


  6. beyonce's boo

    this video was shot last year, but it is just being released.

    the song is fun but its just for australia


  7. .

    Aww Kim was working it I loved it.


  8. Courtney

    This video was Shot LAST MONTH!!! Kim looks great. Love the fits and the whole entire look. DO your thing Kim, cant wait for the new album. Think its a game, this rap shit is about to be taken over by the Queen Bee, once again!!!


  9. Alejandro

    @Courtney LMAO. Kim herself said ya’ll arent getting a album no time soon. You’re gonna get singles.

    And if the singles sound anything like this.

    *dig a hole*


  10. WhatTheF

    LOL I love Queen Bee to death, but this is terrible! I’m so glad it’s not her song! And it seems like she was trying to suck in her belly…


  11. maxi lopez

    just sound like another high school crap!and kim’s totally gabbage…smh


  12. Courtney

    @ Alejandro and Maxi!!! OBVIOUSLY yall some Lil’ Kim stalkers, if you all on her pages and blogs reading what she has to say. Its ok sweetie, you can be a FAN!!!! We welcome the love. And for the Record sweetie, if you knew WTF u were talking about, she is releasing her album first quarter of 2011.!!!!


  13. Zara

    This song is great fun – luv to Amber & Kim. Kim is so versatile and looks smoking hot!


  14. DeeJay

    crap…crap…crap…and Kim made it even worse!


  15. A Realist

    I’m not even a woman and this is degrading.


  16. A Realist

    All you gotta do is say “You’re the best” and the woman is supposed to be satisfied? Or have an alibi… why? Cause the man is out cheating? smh.


  17. Diamond

    That bitch sound like Madonna….and Kim….nice body….face…not so much


  18. Trey



  19. Steve

    Nicki: “But Did I KILL the Queen ?”…. lol.

    I like Kim…BUT NO.



    I guesst this is what happens when Kim tries to write her own verse.


  21. djinvincible74

    Did this girl forget that there already is a singer named Amber? She had hits such as “This Is Your Night”, “Sexual”, and “Above The Clouds”. Sure their names are spelled a little different but they’re pronounced the same.


  22. From Tokyo

    Just seems a little random…I could not continue after the first minute.

    lol, well if her name really is amber then what’s the problem with using it even if another artist has the same name. That’s why the 8 is up in there. :/


  23. 2XCL

    Dumb dumb dumb. This girls voice sounds plain and boring as hell. And lil kim looks way out of place in this video. Very juvenile sounding and appearing.


  24. Lebo(CaribbeanBOi)

    its aite !! kim’s body lookin gr8 Queen B


  25. WTF!

    I Want my 2 minutes of life back for watching this bs!


  26. Realreppin

    Love it haters why y’all checking? Ur bestest not enough to keep ur attention, kim wit no album being talked about more, for those who say release an album(Tell ur bestest 2 release her first album) we have platinum albums by Lil kim go blow a cock!!! Bitch is Hot give it up


  27. Chris Shorts

    I am a die hard kim fan and a realistic die hard nicki fan, and i find it funny when kim does something nicki fans qucik to judge adn say dig a hole, plz we all know kim goes hard on every cd of hers, let her play around with her features because when it comes down to eat she will tear it up on her own cd, ^_^ #teamkim #teamnicki


  28. critique

    this is the worst piece of $h!t i’ve ever heard!!
    seriously embarrassing for all aussies!!
    i promise we’ve got some real talent over here.. seems the record labels are a little confused though!


  29. Riddler

    This songs pretty good!


  30. Brooklyn

    Kim looks gooooood!!


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