Video: Nicki Minaj Not Worried About Guest Features on ‘Pink Friday’

Nicki Minaj

With countless guest verses under her belt, Nicki Minaj has already worked with the best in the game, even before dropping her debut album. So while crafting the songs that will make up Pink Friday, the Young Money affiliate isn’t stressing the need to feature a slew of collaborators.

The Queens native’s forthcoming effort, set for a November release, may solely feature vocals from herself. “I haven’t confirmed any artists yet,” Nicki reveals to “I’ve done so many features so far that right now it’s just about me expressing myself and if I happen to have features on the album then I do. But, you know, I’m not going really into my album thinking, ‘Ok, I’m gonna get this one and that one.’ If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. I just know, I believe that my work is so strong for this album that whether there’s a feature on it or not, it’s going to do amazing.”

Check the video for more on Nicki Minaj’s interview.

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  1. mesouth

    daaamn! cool!!


  2. TeamPinkFriday

    Hate will begin somewhere under this comment.



    She doesn’t need any. Lil Kim, Foxy, Missy, Eve all had some on their debut but Nicki did MAJOR features before her album so now people are judging her to see if she can do a album without anyone. I think she can, her mixtape solo songs were some of the best. “Envy” “Kill The Dj” “Can Anybody Hear Me” “Still I Rise” all showed who Nicki Minaj was in a better sense. If she does do any collabos, let it be off the wall people who she hasn’t worked with yet. Would love to see a Nicki Minaj-Ciara, Nicki Minaj-Rihanna, NIcki Minaj-Queen Latifah or something new and fresh.


  4. futeristicswag

    I wish her the best life has to offer, but i still stand stong on my opinion about her being an gimick ass industry puppet.

    And yet one of her gay fan’s of her’s or some 12yr old. underage mindless stan will respond to what i’ve stated smh……


  5. hmmm...

    nicki has gotten so quiet and calm in her interviews now…=/ i kinda miss her craziness in her interviews, i have watched all her old interviews and laughed muh ass off! now its more serious…which isnt necessary bad, but not as fun!


  6. JUST ASKing

    @furisticswag i just want to no why you she is a gimmick ass industry puppet …even though she does her stuff by herself ask drake he even sed nicki be doing stuff and her dont understand why she cant be a puppet if she calling her own shots….and i am not 12 nor am i gay why do people think nicki fan base is either little girls or gay people when her show are in 21 and over clubs and they be sold out


  7. (; i agree w/ you 100%. Drake on his album a shit load and in my opinion he didnt need any of those, and honestly his songs were better without tose ft’s. Except ofcourse “up all night”. But if she does, i hope with someone she hasnt work with.


  8. kellie

    i dont think she need them cuz we had heard her with people are ready and im surprised she realized that alot of people dont want her to succed and r always looking down on her and i hope she can prove them wrong


  9. Cameraman

    So what I take out of that is:

    1. “Massive Attack” will not be on the album (Sean Garrett was a guest feature)
    2. The big names she talked about will likely be in behind-the-scenes roles (Swizz Beatz, any production by him is bound to make the Top 10)
    3. I think there will be one Weezy guest verse and one Drizzy one (kinda similar to Thank Me Later)


  10. youamuseme

    I don’t know if I’m going to buy her album to be quite honest. I didn’t like “Massive Attack”; although some people said that the song didn’t make the album then I’m not a fan of “Your love”. I hope whatever song she chooses to release next (I don’t know if she already has or not), but whatever single she decides to release next, shows the old Nicki rather than “I’m trying to be cute so I’m going to sound like a 12 year old”. I want the Nicki from All I do is Win remix.


  11. A Realist

    Love her! Excited for the album.


  12. Taybee(Ranoey)

    Well @youamuseme massive attack was a promo- never really set for the album, kinda like an experiement but it flopped. Your love was leaked as she said. I dont think nicki is gonna have many playful songs on her album, as she said before, its going to be a very emotional album.


  13. JhuntdaProdigy

    Well if she chooses to release a solo album that’s an admirable thing after 1/2 of TML had guest, and Teflon Don was compilation album lol! But I think she rly could sustain it by herself if she wanted. We’ll prolly see Drizzy somewhere in there though, maybe Wayne. I don’t see if being 100% featureless


  14. Steve

    I totally agree with

    Yeah since this is her Debut Albumn and fans are trying to really hear her I dont think she needs that many features. I know she said she has a singer in mind for one song and its most likely (Rihanna, Beyonce, or Monica) since she has been talking to Monica on Twitter on doin a collab and she’s cool with Rihanna and Beyonce. But I think she can save the ALL features for her 2nd Albumn.


  15. Taybee(Ranoey)

    I think her album is going to be amazing. One of the best from a female since lauren hill. *waits for flames*


  16. sashaj

    i would like to see two to three features on this album one rap and two rnb….Wayne is going to be on it so thats one, other than him i would like to see a Rihanna feature or a Bruno Mars feature


  17. sashaj



  18. ponyo

    just wait for the album…..i can’t wait……#teamlilkim i support all artist


  19. Drak-E

    Guest or no guest it’s still going to be shit!


  20. Toolondeck

    emotional or fun…shit stil gon be fire! brat!


  21. Kyle R Johnson

    She Should Have LeToya Luckett and Monica, Lauryn Hill As R&B then for Rap Drake or B.o.B. Somthing Different!!!!!!!!!!


  22. Chris Shorts

    i feel that nicki needs features sometimes to make her shine more, i love her to death but its true


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